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Thursday, July 09, 2020

5 YouTube shows that make learning fun

We’ve selected a variety of shows that might take your child to straight A’s territory without much effort.

New Delhi | Published: July 10, 2018 3:07:59 pm
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We’ve selected a variety of shows that might take your child to straight A’s territory without much effort. 

By Anmol Dham

Learning can be tedious, particularly when your child can just dial it down and switch on the television for some Pokémon or Hannah Montana. Here are some shows to nurture your little genius even as they sit glued to the screen! And they need little to no supervision!


With a cheery host whose infectious smile has won the hearts of many kids to ‘The Head’ (a puppet stone bust) sequences between every project, Art Attack is the perfect show for your creative little genius whose idea of ‘getting hands dirty’ requires a PVA glue gun and loads of paint. The climax to every episode glues every kid’s eyes to the screen when Neil Buchanan (the original host of the iconic show) ventures out to collect everyday materials as his supplies to create a ‘Big Art Attack’, which is an art piece solely created from things you can probably find in a drawer next to you.


Has your child ever actually wondered about how hard it really is to find a needle in a haystack? Congratulations! Your child has unbelievable questioning skills. MythBusters is a show which, as the name suggests, dig deeps into every urban legend and myths that exist in order to prove or bust it. From pop culture references like “Did the Titanic door have space for Jack as well?” to a bunch of trivial and random things like “Can magnets create a black hole?”, this would certainly have your child on the edge of the seat.


If your kid took the MythBusters too seriously and ready to fire a semi-automatic handgun at 50 rounds per minutes, maybe it’s time to turn it down a notch with some DIYs that includes a variety of topics like ‘make your own lava lamp’ to even ‘how to save money’, bet you didn’t see that coming.


If curiosity for technology considered a masculine trait, take another guess. This YouTube page talks about everything geek like computer science, technology, software, etc. If you have a tech-savvy daughter who knows how to download 1080p movies without any painful bugs with it, maybe it’s for her.


Nursery rhymes and simple calculus, this channel might just be the only channel a parent needs if they have a little one who has just started going to school. Not only does it makes your young one sing and learn ‘Old Macdonald Had A Farm’ along with learning what’s 2 plus 2, it instills a healthy habit of being respectful to elders and teaching them to differentiate right from wrong.

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