5 food movies for the family, recommended by a chef!

Ratatouille, family film A still from Ratatouille, an eternal favourite for the family!

Food movies are fun to watch as a family, since it encourages conversations around favourite dishes, recipes and most importantly, family ties! Here are some food movies that you can introduce your children too and they come recommended by a chef.

By Chef Paul Kinny

Movies and cuisine are truly two aspects that reflect how society thinks. While most people assume ‘Chef’ will be every chef’s favorite movie (and I really did enjoy it), here are four other movies that my team and I at Phoenix Mills enjoy immensely:

The 100 Foot Journey

I love how this movie emphasised on the importance of family, roots and authentic ingredients. So much so, that the family’s spice box was among their most prized possessions.


My top takeaway from this, and I am sure most people who love this movie will agree, is that it doesn’t matter where you come from. All you need is the heart to cook and to master the perfect balance of precision and innovation.


This movie might be more suitable to watch with your teens, but it teaches us universal acceptance. Another underlying theme, and only someone who has seen the movie very carefully will understand, it subtly preaches you are what you eat! Hint: Vianne telling her customers, “It’s your favourite”!

Julie and Julia

This very light-hearted comedy teaches us the importance of perseverance and that no matter how sophisticated a dish is, nothing is impossible to accomplish.

No Reservations

While food is in the backdrop of this one and not exactly the main theme, a great takeaway from it is how cooking can be therapeutic.

(The writer is Culinary Director, Phoenix Mills Limited.)