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Time to change my wardrobe

Winter is over in Delhi,well almost. It’s time for the woollens to go back into hibernation.

Winter is over in Delhi,well almost. It’s time for the woollens to go back into hibernation and the summer wardrobe to make its appearance again. But as I tried to execute the plan last weekend,I found the futility of the exercise staring at me. Barring a few oversized kurtas and T-shirts,I realised,nothing else was going to be of any use to me this summer. While I have already outgrown a few of my straight-fit kurtas,others will also refuse to let me in soon.

I am not a very wardrobe and fashion-conscious person,and do not really fall in the category of women notorious for their never-ending lust for new clothes. I know a lot of people who have their cupboards bursting at the seams and still think they do not have enough. I always laughed at them,but as fate would have it,I am now repeating their lines — that I have nothing decent to wear and I want a new wardrobe.

It is all the more frustrating because of my neither-here-nor-there status. While I am already not fitting into most of my old clothes,I don’t look pregnant enough yet at the same time to switch to a maternity wardrobe.

Choosing clothes to wear has not been a very time-consuming affair for me. Once inside the shop,the first thing that catches my eye usually ends up in my shopping bag — provided both of us are comfortable with each other. Yes,it is important that my chosen one likes me too. It happens often that a dress I like refuses to be seen on me. And even if it does,which means if I somehow manage to fit in,the mirror cracks — in disgust,of course. And this was when I was ‘single’. Now that I have to “eat for two”,guess I will soon even look like two. As I planned a wardrobe overhaul in such a scenario,the question before me was where to start from?

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A month ago,I had gone to this maternity clothes’ store and was quite shocked to see the price tags. A sale was on,thankfully,and I bought a pair each of jeans and loose pyjamas. A more recent visit to another such shop forced me to think of other options. The dresses,mostly western,were beautiful,designed to pamper your pregnancy,but they were way beyond my budget. What’s the point spending so much on something you don’t know what to do with later,I asked myself.

While coming out of the shop,a kurta hanging on a mannequin in another store drew my attention. It was not meant for pregnant women,but I thought the cut — they call it ‘Anarkali’ — would serve the purpose. I tried it on,and realised it had ample space around the middle to accommodate my growing belly,which will get only bigger now. Reasonably priced and comfortable to wear,a couple of these soft-cotton kurtas were with me when I returned home. While window-shopping on the Janpath the other day,I also picked up a flowing knee-length dress,which I plan to team up with the black tights that I bought,along with another pair of soft-denim leggings on sale,over the weekend.

I had a number of dress materials,mostly gifts,lying at home for the last five to six years,for I was too lazy to take them to a tailor. I have finally decided to get them stitched,and you guessed it right,in the frock-style Anarkali cut.


For the time being,I am mostly banking on the stock of oversized kurtis and kurtas that I rarely wore earlier. I used to have an ‘ideal weight’ around 11 years ago,but once I started putting on,sometime in late 2000,I never looked back. In the first few years,every time my family members back home and old friends saw me,they would say I had gained more. As a result,since they did not want to take any chances,most of the readymade outfits I got as gifts from them were in XL and XXL sizes,though things were still not that bad with me on the size front. The piled-up tops and kurtas are now finally being put to proper use.

A pregnancy guide I am referring to these days has a chapter on how to dress up. And the suggestions make sense. It advises moms-to-be to go for one-colour dresses,preferably in dark shades like black,coffee and navy blue,besides vertical stripes.

But if I am at home,there is nothing like loose and comfy nightgowns.


Also,when in India,we should all do as Indians do. If I really find nothing to wear,I can always turn to my collection of sarees — the all-purpose,all-season God’s gift to women. It will be,however,wise to stick to chiffons and crapes,which are easier to carry,instead of any heavy stuff,or even starched cotton. But ‘wise’ or otherwise — read sarees or not — the bottomline is to wear what gives you comfort. If pregnant,you will have a lot of things bothering you in any case — nausea,constipation,acidity,fatigue,pains and aches,to name a few. Let clothes be the last thing making you uncomfortable.

First published on: 14-03-2011 at 12:41 IST
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