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Absentmindedness,or forgetfulness,becomes a part of you as the pregnancy progresses.

The batter was ready,and the cake tin greased,with my new microwave oven promising to dish out a yummy vanilla cake. My sweet tooth knows no restriction these days,especially now that my glucose tolerance and blood sugar test results are normal. I could not wait to taste the cake. But I did not know it was going to be a rather long wait.

As I poured the batter into the tin and started to clean up the kitchen slab,I clumsily dropped something,as usual. Clumsiness becomes your second name if you are pregnant. I have till now broken a number of glasses,dropped the cover of a lipstick and numerous ear studs to never find them again,and have had to switch to a shower gel because my bath was never complete if I did not drop the soap at least twice. It is,hence,better to stay away from your glassware,especially if they are expensive. 

If you ask me… hang on… I seem to be on a different track… clumsiness wasn’t what I was planning to write about here. Where was I? Oh yes,I dropped something in the kitchen…

When I looked down,I could see my last 30 minutes’ effort going waste. Rolling on my feet was the small red container of baking soda,as if pleading with me to be included in the process. I had forgotten to add the all-important raising agent in the batter. The cake tin had to be emptied and the mixing bowl was back from the sink for the needful to be done. Finally,my perfect batter was ready and the only thing remaining to be done was to read the user manual for the specifications to be fed in the microwave. My last attempt with the new oven had been a near disaster and I did not want anything to go wrong this time.

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But the user guide was not there at its usual place. I searched all book racks and every place in the house,trying to remember the last time I was reading it. An hour passed and I switched on the tried-and-tested OTG. Tired,exhausted,and frustrated,I was in no mood to heat the dinner and decided to order something from outside. As I opened the drawer where I keep the menu cards of eating joints offering free home delivery,I found the user manual peacefully resting there.

I know the story was long and boring,but that’s my everyday story these days.

This absentmindedness,or forgetfulness,becomes a part of you as the pregnancy progresses,I am told. Studies blame it on fatigue and lack of sleep,and suggest adequate rest. But if you ask me,the main culprit seems to be the fact that you are so obsessed with yourself during this time that you consider everything else less significant and hence become forgetful.   


By the way,before I forget again,let me tell you the microwave actually took only 15 minutes to bake an absolutely delicious cake. Unfortunately,I don’t remember the recipe any more,like the answers to the secret questions I was asked after an online transaction through netbanking.

My two netbanking accounts now say I am not authorised to use them any more to shop online. I need to register again,but what is the guarantee that I will remember my answers this time?

Living with this absentmindedness is difficult,and tiresome at times due to duplication of efforts. I often have to rush back home after climbing down a few steps,thinking I haven’t locked the door,or forgotten my lunch box or phone,only to realise I was wrong. The other day I was about to throw a bowl of cut-fruits into the dustbin after packing the skins in the snack box for office. And I have lost count how many times I have come to a room,or opened the fridge or a cupboard but failed to remember the purpose. I was even going to keep my handbag in the fridge after coming from office one day. In fact,I am late by a day in submitting this blog because I had started writing it on the PC earlier in the week and had been searching for it in my laptop.


I was put on medication for an infection last week and had a tough time remembering the before-meal and after-meal schedule. In case you too are forgetting things you are not supposed to,such as medicines,appointment with doctor and other important work,it is advised to keep a diary. Put your car and home keys,phone,specs and other items of daily use in one place. Writing down a to-do list becomes a must if this condition is coming in the way of your professional life. But do remember where you kept it. And if you are finding it difficult to concentrate,try meditation exercises or light yoga,after consulting your doctor.   

But please do not get worked up on forgetting things less significant,such as adding salt in food,or sugar in your husband’s tea. And it’s better to have someone else around for help in case you are a mother already and have a child (or children) to take care of. When I can’t think straight,I prefer to take a longer shower than usual,which helps clear my mind.

Studies on pregnant women have found a dip in their memory in the third trimester,but it is absolutely normal and there is nothing to worry,say experts. Though forgetting things may be irritating at times,but try and see the lighter side of it and laugh it off. What else do you do if you mistake your black pencil eyeliner for lipstick,or vice versa? Or wish your friend a happy birthday on her wedding anniversary?

I had more anecdotes to share,if only I remembered them. It’s time to go off to sleep and I need to sign off before I forget my bed-time medicines. See you next week. Please remind me if I forget.

PS: In case you are thinking this absentmindedness is going to stay even after delivery,there is an assurance from the experts that you will forget about this ‘pregnancy haze’ once the baby comes,though in some cases it takes a month or two.   

First published on: 28-06-2011 at 11:32 IST
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