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Seriously,my vote matters

Yoginder k. Alagh|Charawak<br> Most real problems can in fact,be solved. Well,almost every problem. This man who has come for your vote can be a large part of the solution.

When he comes for your vote,ask for some goodies. If he promises ‘all’,look at him with a pitying,sarcastic,smile that says ‘Come on,you don’t mean it!’ In a constituency of almost half a million he can’t give you much. That’s an arithmetical truism,and the compelling thing about truisms is that like mothers-in-law and taxes,they are there. Charawaks don’t advocate falsisms. And so,democracy can’t give you anything.

Untrue. Most real problems can in fact,be solved. Well,almost every problem. This man who has come for your vote can be a large part of the solution.

First,bijli. Why does his party say that since so many large projects are approved,a lot of bijli will be generated? Once upon a time,sarkar would say,’so many projects are approved with financial and fuel closure’. The only one with fuel and financial closure is Tata’s at Mundhra,and this has been going on for 10 years now,with different parties in power.

Will he fight for you to pay a fair price? Even our farmers pay the price when they get their bijli priced fairly. Will he stop corruption in generation and transmission contracts? Bribes in power contracts,says the wag,start at Rs 500 crore per favour granted. Will he help in bijli from the sun,wind and recycling waste in the backyard? Will he have the courage to say that without paying,no one will get bijli?

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Then,paani. Does he know that outside the big river valleys,in the Deccan,in the hills and elsewhere,only all of us together can solve the problem? We are close to the minimum per capita supply that the UN has set,and in many areas it is worse. Does he know what is happening to the ground water in his constituency,with sewerage pumped into them? That more than 20 rivers are in fact drainage nullahs? And also that it need not be so?

Will he help,as the gurus did,to deepen our tanks,even if it means that the local land shark encroaching on the water body is sent to jail? Particularly since all good contractors do fund politicos? Will he help us get that loan from the municipal corporation with which we can fund 24X7 water supply? Will he help us to build the communities that will give water free to the really poor,and force the others to pay? Actually,they pay already,and municipal water will be cheaper — because a large storage and distribution system is cheaper than everybody having a pump.

Will he help us to build communities that will not tolerate the teacher not going to school,and the nurse not going to the PHC? Will he stand by us when our daughters slap the rascals who tease her,even when the rascal is the son of the pancha from his party? Will he chase the Joint Commissioner of Police who allows traffic to kill or maim while he pays obeisance to MPs and ministers?

Yes,your vote can go far.

First published on: 25-03-2009 at 03:21:47 pm
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