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Almost there…

I am all set for the new life I had been waiting for the last nine months.

My hospital bag is ready,my parents and mother-in-law are here,and my doctor has given me a final date. I am all set for the new life I had been waiting for the last nine months. I will be a mother by the end of this week and this is the time to do those last-minute preparations,enjoy the last few days of being pampered and to take a trip down the memory lane as my pre-motherhood days come to an end.

With my mother landing last week and cooking all my favourite dishes,which I craved for but could not fix,the regret that I had seeing other pregnant women being pampered at their homes is gone. She threw a baby shower for me and I immensely enjoyed all the attention,and of course the gifts.

Running 38th week,I will be delivering two weeks before the expected delivery date,as my doctor had predicted a month ago. Though a pregnancy is officially considered full-term only after 40 weeks,experts say the growth of the baby slows down or stops after 38 weeks and can be safely delivered. Due to less room inside the womb,the foetal movements witness a changed pattern. There is nothing to worry if you don’t feel those kicks that kept you awake at night or were even hurting you till last week,unless there are no other warning signs — sharp pain in lower abdomen,cramps in the lower back or more frequent and painful contractions — along with less or no foetal movement,say doctors.

If it is the first pregnancy,the baby’s head usually drops into the mother’s pelvic cavity by now,in preparation for the grand exit,though not as a rule. It may turn upwards,taking any breech (bottom first/feet pointing down/sideways) position after heading down once. Once the ‘dropping’ or ‘lightening’ happens,you may find breathing easier again,as the pressure of the uterus on the diaphragm is relieved. With more space in the stomach,I feel more hungry now and am eating better. But this has brought a new set of discomforts – an increased pressure on the bladder and pain in the pelvic joints,making it difficult to walk or move about. All these conditions are normal. Besides,with the centre of gravity shifting,you may also feel off-balance at times.

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Seeing my condition – both physical and mental (the fear of not reaching hospital in time was overpowering in my case) – my doctor has decided to do a C-sec and not wait for the labour. A Caesarean delivery has its own pros and cons,but I am relieved that I will be in good and trusted hands.

To be admitted the night before the surgery,I am now busy going through the checklist for packing for the hospital. Apart from my medical and insurance papers,the musts on my list are comfy gowns in case the hospital does not provide one,i-pod,reading material and laptop to pass time during the hospital stay before and after the delivery,some between-the-meals healthy snacks for myself and the attendant,my cellphone and charger,change of clothes for the attendant and a going-home set for myself,my preferred brands of toothbrush and toothpaste for comfort sake,a deodorant,comb,moisturiser,shampoo,bodywash and certain beauty essentials like lipstick and eyeliner for I don’t want to go home looking like a patient just out of hospital,blankets,diapers and a going-home outfit for the baby,and a camera to capture all the precious moments. While choosing the going-home outfit for the mother,one should remember she won’t be back in shape immediately after the delivery and hence needs to pick up something that fitted well till the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy.

Emotions are overwhelming as I wait for the D-Day,recollecting the life I have lived till now. Flashing in my memories are several bittersweet phases — the time I did not want a child,the moment I realised the importance of procreation,and the days of my desperation to become a mother.


After living with a life inside me for nine months,I am surely going to miss the sensations,and also the special attention I received everywhere as an expectant mother. But I am sure the baby will keep me busy enough,leaving me with no time to miss anything.

As I prepare for the big day,it’s time to sign off my last pre-natal post. I am sure I will have much more to write when I am back post delivery. See you soon,if not next week.

First published on: 16-08-2011 at 16:46 IST
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