The Urdu Press: Modi Tangle

Inquilab, in its editorial writes: “The support extended by a senior minister to Lalit Modi, despite the grave charges against him is seriously questionable in itself.

By: Express News Service | Updated: June 19, 2015 2:43:34 am
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Commenting on External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s support for former IPL chairman Lalit Modi, Inquilab, in its editorial on June 17, writes: “The support extended by a senior and seasoned Union minister to Lalit Modi, despite the grave charges and a light blue corner notice against him is seriously questionable in itself. The BJP’s solid support to her is of a more serious nature… It would not be wrong to infer from this defence that not only Sushma Swaraj but also top leaders of the government and the ruling party are solidly supportive of him [Lalit Modi].”

Roznama Khabrain, in its editorial on June 16, writes: “Of course, Sushma Swaraj is saying that her support for Lalit Modi’s case was on humanitarian grounds. But… it has now come out that in the case of the restoration of Lalit Modi’s passport, his legal team included Bansuri, Swaraj’s daughter… In this context, the opposition has levelled the charge of conflict of interest against Swaraj, saying that her action was to promote her daughter’s interests…”

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Not on board
Following the Lucknow session of the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board, the apex body of Muslim religious leaders and scholars, on June 7, the board has come under scrutiny. Jamaat-e-Islami’s bi-weekly, Daawat, in its front-page commentary on June 14, has lauded the board’s “significant and extraordinary decision of taking non-Muslims into confidence on the religious issues and problems of Muslims vis-à-vis various governmental and political decisions, and thus remove any misunderstandings that crop up…”

On the current debate on whether a representative panel of the board should meet the prime minister regarding several urgent issues, Qasim Syed, editor of Roznama Khabrain, in his signed front-page commentary on June 10, writes: “The board decided against a meeting with the PM. But given the anxiety about his recent meetings with some groups of Muslim non-entities, some leaders with a soft corner for the BJP were able to persuade the leadership that a meeting with the PM on surya namaskar, yoga and certain controversial recommendations of the Law Commission should be held soon…”

Sahafat, in a commentary on June 5, has severely criticised the board for its silence on the “recent demand for a ban on triple talaaq by a former chairman of the National Minorities Commission, Tahir Mahmood, and his claim that Articles 25 to 28 of the Constitution do not mention personal law. No member of the board has said anything about Mahmood’s suggestion that the board itself should be wound up, a sign of their irresponsibility.”

Bihar Parivar
The daily Rehnuma-e-Deccan, in its editorial on June 10, writes: “If the alliance between the Janata Dal (U) and Rashtriya Janata Dal is merely to keep the BJP from power in Bihar, it cannot be said with confidence that this alliance will remain stable and strong after the Bihar election… The two alliance partners are claiming that secularism is the ideological basis, but given past experience, when Chief Minister Nitish Kumar aligned with the BJP and praised the then Gujarat chief minister, Narendra Modi, during the Gujarat riots, as a minister in the NDA government at the Centre, he does not have much secular credibility.”

Regarding the perceived Muslim support for this alliance, particularly because of the Lalu Prasad factor, eminent journalist Hasan Kamal, in his column in Rashtriya Sahara (June 13), writes: “Muslims sided with Lalu Prasad for a long time in the belief that he would never compromise with the BJP.

But Lalu Prasad committed the mistake of confining his bounties to upper-class Muslims (Ashrafs), forgetting that a large majority of
Muslims are outside the group of Ashrafs…”
Compiled by Seema Chishti

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