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The “either you are with us or you are against us” attitude of the AAP has diminished its credibility.

Updated: June 17, 2015 12:41:04 am

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Focus and deliver
This refers to ‘At risk, in Delhi’ (IE, June 16). The AAP government is constantly at loggerheads with the Centre. It has undermined its promise to transform the electoral landscape. The “either you are with us or you are against us” attitude of the AAP has diminished its credibility. The AAP should focus on delivering on its tall promises. It should also learn to struggle with dissent and differences within, and not merely cite its own victimhood and helplessness each time it is held accountable.
Shreyans Jain, New Delhi
No cheating
Instances of misconduct during examinations have been on the rise, with exam-conducting agencies doing little to prevent the same. Such agencies have been lackadaisical in their approach, given earlier instances of mass copying in the Bihar state examination. Stringent guidelines are needed. It’s up to these agencies now to devise innovative methods like mobile signal detectors, CCTV surveillance in exam halls, etc, to check this menace.
Gurminder Singh Bedi, Chandigarh
This refers to ‘Flagged in Pune’ (IE, June 16). The BJP government has been following in the tracks of its predecessors. In the past, the FTII has been headed by stalwarts like Girish Karnad and Mohan Agase. Gajendra Chauhan’s credentials are little to rave about. If
the BJP wanted the job for its acolyte, it could have opted for Shatrughan Sinha or Hema Malini.

Y.G. Chouksey, Pune

Tight spot
The BJP is in a tight spot over the allegations against External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, with the next session of Parliament and the
Bihar elections looming large (‘Unconvincing’, IE, June 16). There appears to be a deep divide in the party over Swaraj’s alleged impropriety. It’s interesting to see what stand PM Narendra Modi will take on his colleague in Parliament. Swaraj’s displeasure
over Modi’s elevation as the BJP’s PM-candidate was too well-known to be forgotten now.
Ganapathi Bhat, Akola

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