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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Year 2014

Apropos ‘BJP,the lonely’,if Narendra Modi is projected as the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate,Nitish Kumar may leave the NDA

Written by The Indian Express | Published: April 17, 2012 1:30:59 am

Year 2014

* Apropos ‘BJP,the lonely’ (IE,April 14),if Narendra Modi is projected as the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate,Nitish Kumar may leave the NDA. Then a third front may crop up,which will probably project Nitish as its PM candidate at first. However,the nature of the third front would be such that the aspirations of the regional leaders to become PM could tear it apart. In such a scenario,chances are that people will vote for Modi for his strong and decisive leadership,which is what the country’s economic situation demands.

— Saroj Kumar Panigrahi Mumbai

Trading peace

* Since Independence,peace has been not only the most sought-after goal in Indo-Pak relations but also the most elusive (‘After Attari’,IE,April 16). India and Pakistan have fought three wars and have remained suspicious of each other. Only recently have trans-border trade and mutual economic cooperation been considered effective tools for reaching the goal of peace.

— Ved Guliani Hisar

Stand united

* In ‘After Attari’,it was rightly observed that Indo-Pak ties can be transformed by bringing on board stakeholders in border states like Gujarat. As the writer observes,many in Pakistan are eager to learn from and emulate Gujarat’s rapid socio-economic success. But one cannot help being cynical about whether the Congress will allow Narendra Modi to reach out to Pakistan. Historically,the Congress has jeered at — if not trashed — any move by the BJP to improve Indo-Pak relations. Recall Vajpayee’s bus trip to Lahore in 1999,and later the cut-out of an overturned Lahore bus during the Kargil War. The Congress was the loudest in condemning L.K. Advani for calling Jinnah a secular leader. Unless our political parties transcend their petty ideological differences in the national interest,better relations with any country will remain chimerical.

— R.P. Subramanian Delhi

In the region

* I agree with ‘The MNS menace’ (IE,April 14),that while Bihar CM Nitish Kumar is complimenting Biharis for making the world their oyster,MNS chief Raj Thackeray is pushing his followers into a blind alley. It is also true that,for political expediency,national parties are tolerating or compromising with the narrow political agenda of regional parties,most of them caste- and community-based,instead of opposing it. As a result,parochial politics is supplanting the liberal agenda.

— Satwant Kaur Mahilpur

Clip its wings

* This refers to ‘Maharaja can’t rule’ (IE,April 16). It is not the first time we are questioning the sops given to Air India. Now,when the government is contemplating 49 per cent FDI in aviation,it is time it parted with its stake in the national carrier rather than squander the taxpayers’ money.

— Bal Govind Noida

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