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Wished away

It is shameful that the SP has denied that there are riot victims still living in the relief camps.

* This refers to the editorial ‘A cruel abdication’ (IE,December 26). Instead of rendering the necessary help to the Muzaffarnagar riot victims so that they can fight the biting cold and save their children from dying,the SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav has wished them away. It is shameful that the SP has denied that there are riot victims still living in the relief camps. The UP government must protect them from various difficulties,not shut the door on them. They must be given medical assistance,clothing,shelter of a decent standard and financial help. How can Yadav expect to be prime minister one day if his government is unable to ensure humane living conditions for a few thousand homeless riot victims?

— Subhash Vaid

New Delhi

* The arrogance and cynicism of the Samajwadi Party is shocking. To say that the people still living in the relief camps near Muzaffarnagar are BJP and Congress supporters who are out to discredit the UP government for political mileage is obnoxious. Can anyone believe that people will stay in makeshift camps in this biting cold in sub-human conditions and allow their children to die just to score some political brownie points? It is time Mulayam Singh Yadav and his son,Akhilesh,woke up and saw the ground reality. They need to start acting rationally. The riot victims are not bothered about political one upmanship. The UP government needs to help them stand on their feet with dignity.

— K. Ashok Kumar


Bending backwards

* This refers to ‘Return of the repressed’ by Pratap Bhanu Mehta (IE,December 25). Building a relationship requires compromise. But one must not bend so much that one’s back breaks. This is what happened to India. This is why we now feel humiliated and rejected. A nation’s self-respect is of the utmost importance. The Devyani Khobragade matter has given us a reason to fight for our rights and defend our national pride.

— Siddhi Bangard


Quite contrary

* This refers to ‘Our Indian Feudal Service’ by Shekhar Gupta (IE,December 21). Does our national pride hinge on defending Devyani Khobragade? The facts of the case — one of visa fraud — have not been successfully refuted by any of Khobragade’s many defenders. There is only an uproar over her “humiliation”. It is sad and scary that the real victim has been vilified. It’s a relief that The Indian Express always takes the contrary view,however unpopular it may be.

— Ashish Mahajan