Who’s government?

This refers to the report ‘Mood unduly pessimistic,can return to 8 % growth,says PM’

Written by The Indian Express | Published: April 8, 2013 12:47:59 am

Who’s government?

* This refers to the report ‘Mood unduly pessimistic,can return to 8 % growth,says PM’,(IE,April 4). Addressing the annual CII meet,the PM said that despite the growth rate slipping to 5 per cent in 2012-13 and the current account deficit doubling to the same level,pessimism in industry was unwarranted. He promised “speedy and decisive action” by his government,including faster clearances for investments and further steps to attract foreign investment. During his speech,he said the government should do this and do that. One would like to ask Manmohan Singh who the government is. Is he not the head of the cabinet and expected to deliver?

— Yash P. Verma


After nine years

* Considering the insecurity of the ruling coalition in Parliament,it was natural for the two Congress general secretaries,Digvijaya Singh and Janardan Dwivedi,to invent preposterous reasons for the UPA’s shortfall. Both unwittingly revealed the predicament of the Congress,which has an “heir-apparent”,Rahul Gandhi,who is reluctant to shoulder responsibility,and a PM,who has failed to impress the electorate even after nine years in office. Therefore,it would be wrong to overplay the views of the two general secretaries.

— C. Koshy John


Look stateward

* Prime Minister Manmohan Singh calls his third term “hypothetical”,and at the same time says he will “welcome” Rahul Gandhi as prime minister any time. On the other hand,Narendra Modi declares his “obligation” towards the nation,when there is a water crisis in the Saurashtra region and other parts of Gujarat. Where are those “50 lakh houses” promised during his election campaign? It is for all chief ministers to realise that obligations towards their own states come before those towards the nation.

— K.L. Khandekar


Building fast

* Illegal construction in government-owned plots is the reason for the building collapse in Thane. Builders build flats in haste and want to make quick money when there’s demand. The Mumbra incident is due to the construction boom in that pocket for some time. With the increase in population in that area,builders are building at cheap rates. So,the quality of construction is poor. The number of illegal buildings,now disclosed,should have been made known a long time ago by the state government and Thane municipality.

Cases like the Mumbra collapse have created a fear psychosis amongst residents. They will have to seek permission before making alterations within and without. Even unauthorised extensions will have to be condemned and,if required,demolished.

— Meenakshi Ramani


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