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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Vote for change

Apropos ‘Most of the minority’,it will be for the good of the Muslim community if it refuses to be a votebank and doesn’t allow any political party to take it for granted

Written by The Indian Express | Published: January 16, 2012 2:58:57 am

Vote for change

* Apropos ‘Most of the minority’ (IE,January 13),it will be for the good of the Muslim community if it refuses to be a votebank and doesn’t allow any political party to take it for granted. It’ll be even better if Muslims vote for policies for the removal of their poverty,backwardness and illiteracy instead of sops and goodies offered to them during elections. In the long run,our democracy will thus stop being in thrall to caste and religion politics.

— Hema,Langeri

At arm(y)’s length

* With reference to ‘Different old story’ (IE,January 13),Pakistan’s powerful army and weak civilian government are a reality and probably its destiny. Out of the 64 years of its existence,for over 30 years,Pakistan has been under military rule and even during civilian rule,the real power has been with the army. With the ongoing tussle between the government and the army,the country may be once again heading towards military rule. That would not be in the interest of either Pakistan or India,or South Asia. But,if the army does take over,it may not be a smooth sailing this time.

— M.C. Joshi,Lucknow

Anna effect?

* Anna Hazare may be out of action because of health reasons and his crusade against corruption might have slowed down. But the fact remains that his message has been spread. Political parties are now wary of keeping the corrupt in their ranks and are expelling them. Whether Hazare stages a comeback or not,one thing is amply clear — the tainted are hereafter going to have a tough time getting admission into mainstream political parties.

— R.J. Khurana,Bhopal

Hunger pangs

* It was sad,shameful,shocking to watch videos of Jarawa tribal women dancing for food in front of tourists in Andaman (‘Jawara video old,got it from tour guides: UK reporter’,IE,January 12). It makes little difference whether the video is old or new. The fact is that the poor tribal women were being exploited. This has disgraced the nation. The government should identify the accused and punish the guilty.

— R.K. Kapoor,Chandigarh

Between the lines

* This refers to Union Coal Minister Shriprakash Jaiswal saying that the Centre had always acted against those whose writings,statements or acts hurt the sentiments of any community. May we ask him in what way they acted against the late M.F. Husain who repeatedly hurt Hindu sentiments by painting Hindu goddesses nude? What Jaiswal actually meant is they act against those who hurt the sentiments of the minority communities.

— Shreeram Paranjpe,Mumbai

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