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Union defence

This refers to ‘The youth unemployment bill’ by Manish Sabharwal (IE,June 26)

Union defence

* This refers to ‘The youth unemployment bill’ by Manish Sabharwal (IE,June 26). The writer makes a misleading argument. First,if we make labour a state subject,inter-state competition would lead to a race to the bottom. This is already happening,to the extent that while some states recognise trade unions,others like Haryana do not. Unions simply promote the interests of their members. What’s wrong with that? Second,the writer forgets to mention that Foxconn employees threatened to commit mass suicide because of poor working conditions. This led to international outrage,which forced Apple to intervene,seeing as Foxconn makes parts for Apple. Apple had to intervene to ensure something as basic as seating for employees. Making policymakers and unions look stupid through selective facts does not behove this paper.

— Hari Parmeshwar


National heroes

* THIS refers to ‘IAF rescue chopper crashes,all 20 on board feared killed’ (IE,June 26). The crash of a rescue chopper in Uttarakhand is most unfortunate and sad. The entire nation must feel proud of our armed forces and their sacrifices. By rescuing and evacuating stranded and trapped tourists,pilgrims and locals,and by taking them to safety,they have truly performed an invaluable service to the nation. In the process they sacrificed their lives. May their souls rest in peace.

—Vijay D. Patil


Numbers game

* THIS refers to ‘Doing the Modi math’ by Ashutosh Varshney (IE,June 27). The writer is correct to point out that the task that awaits the BJP under Narendra Modi is no easy one; it would be nothing short of creating history. The writer is correct in stating that leaders within the BJP feel that only Modi can get them to the magic number of 180. The presence of the BJP,or rather lack thereof,in the south and Northeast can’t be changed overnight,not even by Modi. That will take years. Modi needs a wave,or rather,a tsunami in the north and west in order to bring about a change of guard.

—Harsh Tuli


Tunnel vision

* THIS refers to ‘Valley rail link to boost progress,says UPA’ (IE,June 27). Rail link connectivity between Banihal and Qazigund in the valley was long overdue. This has made both the distance and time taken to travel shorter,and weather proof. This will definitely boost both trade and tourism. However,this link must be guarded against terrorists,who might target this highly visible piece of infrastructure. The engineers who worked on this project must also be applauded for achieving this marvel.

—Deepak Chikramane