Two steps behind

Two steps behind

In his article ‘No turning back’ (IE,September 23),Meghnad Desai urges the goernment to stick to its guns on reform

Two steps behind

* In his article ‘No turning back’ (IE,September 23),Meghnad Desai urges the goernment to stick to its guns on reform. However,the UPA government still needs to regain its credibility on some counts. It should allow a fair and free inquiry on the recent scams,which also implicate members of the UPA. It should also take concrete measures to bring down food prices.

— M.C. Joshi


Back on track

* APROPOS ‘Absentee landlords’ (IE,September 22),several successive railways ministers have used their portfolio to achieve their own political goals. Former railways minister Lalu Prasad is said to have introduced improvements in the sector but in recent times,members of the Trinamool Congress have held the portfolio. Most of them had their eyes trained on electoral gains in West Bengal and this limited outlook hampered the development of the railways. Our prime minister should appoint a person with business acumen,rather than an expert politician,to head the railways ministry.

— M.K. Mahapatra


A new deal

* THIS refers to ‘In his words’ (IE,September 22). Blamed,not so long ago,for the government’s policy paralysis and for remaining silent as India descended into economic stagnation,Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has now spoken up to convey immense promise and give a new thrust to the reforms process. He emphasised the necessity of radical measures to facilitate employment,and improve sectors such as education,health and infrastructure. At the same time,he warned that the subsidy on oil and gas was becoming unsustainable. In 1991,the reforms proved the opposition wrong,farmers,consumers and companies gained from them,infrastructure and employment looked brighter. Indirectly,Singh has once again attacked the opposition’s callous attitude towards the real public good,as it persists with the politics of disruption and bandhs. Let us hope the TMC’s withdrawal of support to UPA 2 proves to be a blessing in disguise for the government. With more reforms and better governance,the new UPA could improve India’s national credibility in the global market and fulfil the needs of the aam aadmi.

— Ved Guliani


Second coming

* AT THIS juncture we must trust the judgement of our prime minister. His economic acumen and foresight changd the India story in 1991,when he was finance minister. Now,his government’s plan to allow FDI in certain sectors will prove helpful as it will put in places proper supply chains. It will usher in advances in technology,transportation and storage facilities and generate employment. People are bound to benefit from such measures.

—Charanpreet Kaur