Too late to apologise

This refers to ‘Investment is the key’ (IE,June 1). During the last few months,the UPA government has taken steps to bring in economic reforms

Written by The Indian Express | Published: June 4, 2013 2:28:53 am

Too late to apologise

* This refers to ‘Investment is the key’ (IE,June 1). During the last few months,the UPA government has taken steps to bring in economic reforms after suffering from policy paralysis for the past four years. But these are last-minute measures,hastily pushed through before the next general elections. The Congress-led UPA must brace for the possibility of a thorough defeat in 2014.

—Ketan R. Meher


* UNLESS rural India grows,our growth rate cannot be sustained for long. We have failed to give agriculture and its allied industries priority. We must aim at the development of rural infrastructure with a focus on laying a network of roads and the construction of more storage facilities.

—H.L. Sharma


True liberal

* THIS refers to ‘Social media,social ignorance’,by Gul Panag (IE,June 1). I do not agree that you are progressive only when you are fully bought into a thought. To me ,the fact that you are indulgent,indifferent or even silently suffering a thought,without thinking of violent means to throttle it,means you are a liberal. To me,the whole beauty of democracy and,more specifically,democracy in a large multicultural city,is that one is exposed to various thoughts and one is forced into a liberal frame of mind.

—V. Srinivasan

New Delhi

Martial interventions

* THIS refers to ‘The bleeding heartless’ by Shekhar Gupta (IE,June 1). The comparison between border areas (Kashmir and the North-East) and land-locked forest areas inhabited by tribals seems a little tenuous. The kind of action being proposed in the forests of Dandakaranya in 2010-11 (when the air force chief made his infamous statement) was completely different from any action that has ever been carried out in a civilian area in India. Whether senior bureaucrats and army generals should publicly voice opinions on policy matters is certainly a matter open to debate; but we would do well to remember that even countries like the US have a strong tradition of debate between the executive and other arms of the state — including the armed forces.

—Manav Bhushan


* WHEN the MHA has raised the strength of Central Reserve Police Forces to almost one million and started their own air wings,there should be no need for the army to step in. The fault lies in the efficacy of the officer cadre of these forces,who are catapulted to the top of the hierarchy without any ground experience at the troop level. If the army is used in other areas,it is because these happen to be border states.

—K.S. Grewal


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