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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Too close for comfort

It is an old trick used by the party in embarrassing situations.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: May 3, 2012 3:17:09 am

Too close for comfort

The Congress cannot get away by distancing the party and Rahul Gandhi from Meenakshi Natarajan’s media gagging bill,terming it a private member’s bill and not Rahul’s view (‘Congress distances Rahul from censor Bill’,IE,May 2). It is an old trick used by the party in embarrassing situations. Natarajan is not only a Congress member but an MP and Rahul’s close aide. It is unbelievable she could bring a draconian bill without the consent of the party leadership. The media has played an important role in exposing the Congress-led UPA government’s scams,follies and failures.

— M.C. Joshi


Safety first

THIS refers to ‘Strapping a helmet’ (IE,April 30). Air Marshal Arjan Singh,a Sikh,received innumerable siropas (headscarf presented at gurdwaras) whenever he visited the Golden Temple. But he always wore a helmet while flying fighter planes. When cricket icon Harbhajan Singh comes to bat wearing a helmet,I have not seen any riot break out. I agree it may be inconvenient for a biker to wear a helmet for a short distance and then struggle to adjust his turban. He might have to make a choice between a helmet and a turban,but on practical grounds,not religious.

— S. Singh


Pride of place

THE contention that since we have had a Hindu,Muslim and Sikh president,there should now be a Christian one is an unnecessary attempt to flaunt our secular credentials. However,a selection from within the political mainstream would be most logical. It would not be a bad idea to consider Somnath Chatterjee for president. After the CPM withdrew support from the UPA government in 2008,Chatterjee,in spite of being associated with the party,preferred to uphold his non-partisan position as the then speaker.

— Pachu Menon



THIS refers to ‘Low on street cred’ (IE,May 2). Sanjaya Baru has rightly compared 1990-91 and 2011-12,against the backdrop of S&P’s latest report on India. The possibility of India defaulting in future while paying today’s bills is cause for worry. Political stability,along with a reformist policy,will be essential to improve ratings.

— Shishir Sindekar


Pension as luxury

ONE is shocked to read that former Lok Sabha speakers,Somnath Chatterjee and P.A. Sangma,have demanded retirement benefits similar to those given to former presidents and vice-presidents. The comrade’s demand is more confounding!

— C.N.N. Nair


THE demand by ex-Lok Sabha speakers for retirement benefits such as free housing,transport,staff is outrageous.

— K.G. Jalnawala


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