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Friday, July 20, 2018

Tokyo’s time

This refers to ‘Tokyo togetherness’ (IE,May 30).One must wonder why Indo-Japanese economic ties had been comatose for years

Written by The Indian Express | Published: May 31, 2013 3:43:42 am

Tokyo’s time

* This refers to ‘Tokyo togetherness’ (IE,May 30).One must wonder why Indo-Japanese economic ties had been comatose for years. Our enormous appetite for new infrastructure today is matched by the established ken of the Japanese in this arena. With global commodity prices in decline,a fast-track tie up with Japan on critical infrastructure projects can serve both our interests.

— R. Narayanan


* THE editorial ‘Tokyo togetherness’ (IE,May 30) has rightly highlighted the importance of a strong Indo-Japanese relationship amidst India’s increasingly troubled equation with China. The security pact of 2008 and the comprehensive economic partnership agreement of 2011 point towards the willingness of both countries to lend a helping hand to each other in economic and defence sectors. It is heartening to know that both countries might sign a civilian nuclear deal shortly. Japan’s tendency to be in the loop with state of the art technology will also help India.

— Ganpathi Bhat


* IT IS well known that Japan and India have their respective issues and problems with China over a wide range of issues,be it the South China Sea or the recent incursions in Ladakh. It is heartening to see that both sides have agreed to carry out naval exercises with each other,and looked beyond the consequences of signing such deals. The bold steps taken by India and Japan have shown that China will not be a factor in determining our foreign relations with other countries in the region.

— Archit Gupta

New Delhi

Government failure

* THE article ‘More than a security failure,a social failure’,by Ashutosh Bhardwaj (IE,May 30),has correctly described why the Maoist insurgency cannot not be overcome even when there is heavy deployment of security forces in the affected areas. As usual,we wake up to a problem only after it goes out of control. Worse still,the government uses its resources to tackle symptoms more than to address causes. Had successive governments studied the Naxal menace more deeply and found an appropriate solution to contain it,it would not have been as serious as it is now.

— Hema


Come clean

* THIS refers to ‘Polity,complexity,not govt behind spate of problems: Sibal’ (IE,May 29). It was sad to read Sibal’s observations,made during the Express Adda,giving a clean chit to the UPA government. He blamed the opposition and the media for all its problems. After the strictures of the apex court,the Congress has taken action against some guilty ministers. Is it still proper to refuse to acknowledge some element of wrongdoing on the part of the government?

— M. Ratan

New Delhi

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