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Friday, July 20, 2018

Think seriously

This refers to Jaswant Singh’s ‘Governance,please’

Written by The Indian Express | Published: March 30, 2012 2:51:25 am

Think seriously

This refers to Jaswant Singh’s ‘Governance,please’ (IE,March 29). When we demand “governance”,we hope we aren’t asking for the moon,because we have a prime minister and a defence minister who are both very honest but not dynamic. When the army chief complained to the defence minister about the bribe offer,would it not have been in order for him to initiate action? The army chief is duty-bound to address his letter to the PM because he is the chairman of the Cabinet Committee on Security. What further ails the defence services is that the civilian bureaucracy appears to think there is none beyond them and none above them. Some serious thought must be given to improve matters so that there is “governance” as demanded by Singh.

— Prasad Malladi


Armed force

APROPOS ‘Governance please’,Jaswant Singh’s suggestions for the government and the army chief are appropriate. The uproar about the letter General V.K. Singh wrote to the PM is not appropriate. The PM should know the deficiencies in our defence apparatus. But the issues between the army chief and the government should not be brought into the public domain. It’s important now to take concrete action. The nation must be assured the army is fully prepared to meet all challenges.

— S.C. Vaid

Greater Noida

IN ‘Governance please’,it’s rightly observed the armed forces have not been dealt with the required sensitivity,resulting in confrontation. The irony is that matters pertaining to national security are dealt with parochial political considerations than professionalism. The government must draw the right lessons and usher in reforms in our monolithic security establishment.

— Padmesh R. Kumar


Why now?

ARMY chief General V.K. Singh’s outburst that the army is ill-prepared could not have come at a worse time for the UPA government,already under siege on various counts. There may be some truth in what the general says. But why has he brought this to the government’s notice only after he lost his case on his date of birth? His utterances show more his opportunism than his vigilantism.

— Satwant Kaur


GENERAL V.K. Singh’s antics have gone on long enough. It’s time to call in the general and ask him to go. This should have been done immediately after he filed the petition with the Supreme Court on his age. It was a clear act of insubordination and instead of seeking remedial recourse with his bosses in government,he thought it fit to drag the government to court. It is not the revelations arising out of the general’s disclosures that we need to look at but the larger impact it has on the army and the nation.

— S. Kamat


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