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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Testing India

This refers to ‘Back to Lahore’ and ‘And,over in Dhaka’.

Published: March 2, 2009 12:17:29 am

This refers to ‘Back to Lahore’ and ‘And,over in Dhaka’. The unfortunate turn of events in Pakistan and Bangladesh demonstrated these states’ inability to exterminate terror. Given this volatile neighbourhood and India’s position and role as the largest functioning democracy,our identity as a mature and secure nation will be tested. At this critical juncture,Indian politicians must present national integrity as the cornerstone of their election campaigns. They must also conduct a less divided and divisive campaign this time round. On the other hand,the electorate ought to reject destructive ideologies.

— R. Narayanan


Challenges ahead

Turning the US economy into a borrow-and-spend economy might not get it up and running again. Political postures and rhetoric will lead nowhere.

A false step will cause further damage. Barack Obama faces not just economic but political challenges as well. Excessive protectionism and disincentives for outsourcing might be easy,but they’ll be self-destructive for the US in the long run. However,undoing past tax-cuts for the rich and promoting private tax-free savings may well be difficult because of the socio-economic set-up. The real test for President Obama lies in bringing back fiscal discipline.

— Ved Guliani Hisar

The reason why

The intellectual poverty of India’s political thought and culture has compromised our polity and governance. Little wonder then that we don’t have politicians like Barack Obama and Bobby Jindal. The 14th Lok Sabha witnessed a huge loss of its working time due for things of no consequence. Nor do our legislators educate themselves about what’s to be debated. Our political culture and institutions are substantially different from those enjoyed by the Baracks and Bobbies.

— John Alexander Nagpur

Wrong choices

Many of our national and regional parties are short of dependable candidates who can win elections on their tickets. Thus these parties opt for film and cricket stars that are safe bets. Unfortunately,such “stars”,once elected,are usually poor legislators.

— R.J. Khurana Bhopal

Apt words

The chief of the Dar-ul-Uloom,Deoband,has rightly said that Muslims in India enjoy protection under the Constitution,and they are bound to serve their country. I agree that the questions raised about Muslims’ views of India are all,one way or the other,politically motivated. However,those connected with Islamist terror,such as the Indian Mujahideen,certainly don’t respect the Constitution.

— Gulshan K. Rawat


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