Target Musharraf

Target Musharraf

I agree with Shekhar Gupta’s column ‘General Musharraf (Deluded)’,(National Interest,IE,April 20)

Target Musharraf

* I agree with Shekhar Gupta’s column ‘General Musharraf (Deluded)’,(National Interest,IE,April 20). Pervez Musharraf should be tried for his misdeeds and misadventures. He has certainly been “deluded” by the Pakistani judiciary,which had trapped the general by first granting him bail and then,when he returned from his self-imposed exile,by cancelling his bail and ordering his arrest. As Gupta explains,Musharraf “brought the subcontinent,at least twice,close to an all-out war”. Such individuals have to be brought to book .

— R.K. Kapoor


* Shekhar GUPTA was spot on with his analysis of Pervez Musharraf. His crimes against Pakistan’s people,its institutions of democracy and its judiciary have finally caught up with him. In his delusional megalomania and given his self-serving conviction of being the redeemer of Pakistan,Musharraf returned from exile to fight the general elections in the false belief that Pakistanis were enthusiastically waiting for him. He forgot that history has an unerring tendency to repeat itself. But then,all dictators fool themselves.

— M. Ratan

New Delhi

Common ground

* This refers to the editorial ‘Ground rules’ (IE,April 22). It’s indeed heartening that a consensus has been built on this critical issue. Land acquisition has been the bone of contention not only in industrial projects but also in infrastructure and real estate development. Singur and Noida Extension are cases in point. The bill has laid down clear guidelines about compensation and the extent of consensus required. Now,hopefully,farmers whose land will be acquired will be a happy lot. Nor should there be any slip-up in implementation,and the same spirit of coordination must be maintained on other pending reforms.

— Bal Govind


Speed it up


* The prime minister has tried to soothe public sentiments about the brutal rape of the child (‘Amid protests over rape,PM calls for “vast improvement” in women’s safety’,IE,April 22). While some amendments to the law have been made,they don’t seem to have worked. The PM’s claim that “we have moved with speed in strengthening the law to be able to deal more effectively with offences against women” is only partly true because some of the valid suggestions made by the Justice Verma committee were not accepted. The fast-track court to try the accused in last December’s gangrape case is not fast enough. Had the accused been punished by now,it could have worked as a deterrent.

— Yash P. Verma


Human computer

* Shakuntala DEVI’S demise is a great loss to the country. The nation itself would be honoured if Karnataka and the Central government jointly established a world-class mathematics institute in her name.

— Bidyut K. Chatterjee