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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Talk tough

It is heartening to see that there is finally one person in this government who has the courage to stand up to bullies. Kudos to Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh

Written by The Indian Express | Published: June 8, 2012 3:10:21 am

Talk tough

* IT IS heartening to see that there is finally one person in this government who has the courage to stand up to bullies. Kudos to Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh for his stand against the unreasonable and pampered pilots of Air India (‘Govt bid to call pilots bluff: we will hire afresh’,IE,June 7). Singh should stick to his guns and not follow the example of some of his more spineless colleagues in the government.

— A.M. Limaye


Clean up

* THE Planning Commission’s recent expenditure of Rs 35 lakh on the renovation of public toilets has raised eyebrows (‘Rs 35 lakh spent on major renovation: Montek’,IE,June 7). This makes it evident that those who have no contact with ground realities are the ones who frame our policies.

— Kanishka Pathak


No sideshow

* APROPOS ‘In the Baba’s shadow’ (IE,June 6),we need to stop the practice of corruption instead of analysing the so-called show and audience at Jantar Mantar. The common man is not affected by who dominated the stage — Baba Ramdev or Team Anna. All they want is to give vent to their sense of frustration and helplessness. Figures like Hazare and Ramdev provide an avenue for this.

— Anshula Rao

Nangal Township

Cool response

* AS THE world celebrated Environment Day on June 5,concerns about the rapidly deteriorating environment were raised again. It is worrying that such events do not transcend the celebration and the speeches. This month’s conference at Rio de Janeiro will demonstrate how far we have come since the Earth Summit of 1992,in the same city. Years after Rio,1992,the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 and the Durban Conference in 2011,we still have not been able to change the mindset of most countries on environment Every country,in its bid for development,has shifted responsibility to other countries. Meanwhile,the environment has suffered.

— Ganapathi Bhat


Shadow of doubt

* APROPOS the editorial,‘Team Ramdev’ (IE,June 4),just after Anna Hazare’s fast with Ramdev,the bonhomie between the BJP and Baba Ramdev was visible. In such a situation,any alignment with Ramdev will further dent the image of Team Anna,which has already been hit by internal rifts. In addition,the way Ramdev snubbed Arvind Kejriwal for naming “tainted” politicians underscores his eagerness to dominate the movement. Given Ramdev’s political ambitions,it will be better for Team Anna to separate itself from him.

— Manoj Parashar


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