Talk to them

Talk to them

This refers to ‘National counter-error’

Talk to them

This refers to ‘National counter-error’ (IE,February 20). The Congress believes that it is still ruling in an era when it was in power at the Centre as well as in most of the states and when every Central decision was unequivocally accepted by the latter. The party must learn to live with the reality of federalism. The appropriate way for the Centre is to consult the states and address their concerns before moving forward on issues like the NCTC. Terrorism must never be an issue to play petty politics over. Parties should sort out their differences and come together in the country’s fight against terror.

— M.C. Joshi


A strong,centralised agency to counter terrorism,similar to the Homeland Security in the US,is the need of the hour in India. However,it is equally important to ensure that this new agency does not become a tool in the hands of the ruling party at the Centre to settle scores with its political opponents. Instead of ruffling the feathers of state governments,by calling their opposition to the NCTC as “politically motivated”,the UPA government should allay their fears by introducing adequate safeguards.

— Vijay Mohan


Italian connection

Because the ministry of external affairs and the Kochi police stuck to their guns,the two Italian marines who were accused of killing two Indian fishermen have been taken in custody. This is exactly what the Italians would have done to an Indian ship. There must have been immense international pressure to let the Italians go scot-free. However,it is important that the law of the land is followed.

— R. Gupta


Excuse me?


RECENTLY in UP,Cabinet ministers Salman Khurshid and Beni Prasad Verma made speeches promising sub-quota for minorities,in violation of the election code of conduct. Seeking pardon from the EC,Verma contended that his speech was a “slip of tongue” and could not remember what was exactly spoken because of the many speeches he gave at various places. What an excuse!

— Vijay D. Patil


Oil spill

THIS refers to ‘Iran stops oil exports to Britain,France’ (IE,February 20). This was expected — a retributive response to the stand taken by the EU. This tit-for-tat policy could jeopardise the attempt by European countries to rein in recession. A sharp rise in oil prices cannot be ruled out. Any proposed attack on Iran could have a catastrophic effect in the region. Israel must control its aggression,as advised by Britain.

— Deepak Chikramane