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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Tailored history

This refers to ‘Coronation Park to be renamed,panel set up to scout for new name’

Written by The Indian Express | Published: May 12, 2012 1:05:12 am

Tailored history

n THIS refers to ‘Coronation Park to be renamed,panel set up to scout for new name’ (IE,May 7). It is amusing that even academics are complicit in “cleansing” our history of references. But we the people are capable of facing historical facts,we understand that acknowledging them does not always mean glorifying them. We prefer knowing a history in toto,not one that is tailored to suit an agenda.

— Rahul Gaur


See the doctor

n I AGREE with ‘Congress and cliché’ (IE,May 11),instead of calling to account leaders responsible for the Congress’s dismal performance in the recent assembly elections,Sonia Gandhi resorted to the usual evasions at the Congress Parliamentary Party meet. Apart from factionalism at the state level,for which the central leadership is responsible,the UPA government’s image is sullied by controversies and its indecisiveness on national issues. Congress leaders need to spend time on introspection.

— Satwant Kaur


Ground reality

n REGARDING ‘Blackmail’ (IE,May 10),passengers are suffering because of the strike by Air India’s pilots. The airline is on its last legs and no amount of taxpayers’ money can revive it. Since its pilots are indulging in unethical practices and not cooperating,it would be better to ground AI permanently.

—Sharda Bhargav


n ‘BLACKMAIL’ tells us it is time to privatise Air India. But it could also be revived by a public-private partnership. Abandoning AI altogether may not be a good idea.

—Pathikrit Chakraborty


n AI’S problems are rooted in poor work ethics,pampered trade unions,gross indiscipline and a politicised top management (‘Pilots hijack Air India again’,IE,May 9). Unless tough measures are taken,no amount of taxpayers’ money can salvage the Maharaja airline.

—Y.G. Chouksey


n THE civil aviation minister is right to assert that AI’s pilots must call off their strike before a discussion on their grievances can take place. This and the Delhi High Court’s order declaring the strike illegal and holding the pilots responsible for causing losses to AI should send a clear signal to the pilots that they can no longer have their way. The government,for its part,must stop freebies for AI.

—R.J. Khurana


Play by the rules

n APROPOS the Supreme Court directive to phase out the Haj subsidy (‘Phase out Haj subsidy in 10 years,SC tells govt’,May 9),government rules specify that public money should not be used for the benefit of a particular section of the people unless the claim can be enforced in a court of law. If only the Centre followed its own rules,a whopping amount of money would have been saved.

—M.S. Rajagopalan


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