Sufficient state

Apropos the article ‘A new dawn — or false?’

Written by The Indian Express | Published: March 13, 2012 3:26:48 am

Sufficient state

* Apropos the article ‘A new dawn — or false?’ (IE,March 12),it is indeed time each state thought of helping itself on the path to economic growth rather than looking up to Delhi. That is what states like Bihar and Gujarat have already demonstrated successfully. Assistance from Delhi often comes with many political strings attached.

— K. Kavitha Thane

* As pointed out in the article ‘A new dawn — or false?’,since the Gandhian days,Indian politics has known the three-fold formula of success: leadership,organisation,message. I would add one more factor — delivery,which is of extreme importance and which has also been stressed by the writer Ashutosh Varshney in his piece.

— K.K. Chug New Delhi

Agenda for Akhilesh

* The editorial ‘SP vs SP’ (IE,March 10) has reminded Akhilesh Yadav that he must signal change to his goons. Now that the country’s largest state will have the youngest CM,he must act on his agenda. For a change,he should not allow himself to be surrounded by sycophants. The bureaucracy should be allowed to do an honest day’s job. The police should be told that corruption will not be tolerated. The Dalits need a better deal to ameliorate their condition. The young need jobs so that they stop migrating to Mumbai to earn a living,and not to beg as an ill-informed Rahul Gandhi put it during his loud campaign. Akhilesh can make a difference just by being firm and adhering to his agenda. He will not need to raise extra taxes if he ensures that there is no corruption and tax evasion. He can thus attract investment for development which has been pushed to the background for a long time.

— M.K.D. Prasada Rao Ghaziabad


* Mulayam Singh Yadav has set a good precedent by handing over the baton of Uttar Pradesh to his son Akhilesh Yadav. Even if it is speculated that the senior Yadav is looking at bigger things,this stepping aside for someone else rarely happens in our politics. However,the junior Yadav is not in an enviable position. There is a difficult road ahead. He has to fulfil his poll promises. And a seasoned politician like Mayawati will be waiting to take on the government if anything goes wrong. I have only good wishes for the young politician.

— N. Ramamurthy Chennai

* After a brief display of the Lucknowi etiquette of “Pehale aap” between father and son,Akhilesh Yadav will become the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. What is now required of the new government is to ensure the safety and protection of the aam admi,particularly the downtrodden and Dalits.

The SP will have to prove that they are better administrators than the BSP.

— K.L. Khandekar Vadodara

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