Stooping low

Stooping low

It is pitiable that having failed to attract voters, Rahul Gandhi is now banking on cheap rhetoric.

* Apropos of ‘How can Modi honour women if he can’t mention his wife, asks Rahul’ (IE, April 12), it is pitiable that having failed to attract voters, Rahul Gandhi is now banking on cheap rhetoric. His election campaign is focused on attacking the BJP, its prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, and BJP governments in the states. By making a political issue of Modi’s personal life, which is unconnected to the public interest, the Congress has stooped low. The party has even approached the Election Commission demanding that action be taken against Modi for allegedly filing false affidavits during previous Gujarat assembly elections. Your editorial, ‘Any which way’ (IE, April 12), has cleared the air by pointing out that in his earlier affidavits Modi had marked his marital status with a short dash. The Supreme Court and Election Commission only made it mandatory for candidates to fill their affidavits in full last September.
— M.C. Joshi

Knew it
* This refers to ‘His hands tied, PM surrendered to Sonia: ex-media advisor’s book’ (IE, April 12). Sanjaya Baru’s revelations do not come as a surprise. Everyone knew about Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi’s working relationship ever since Singh took over as prime minister. Gandhi cleverly nominated Singh as prime minister in 2004 and as the Congress’s prime ministerial candidate before the 2009 elections. But she remained the power behind the throne. So, Baru’s disclosures are not new. They can be termed as endorsements of the “open secret”, nothing else.
— R.K. Kapoor

Just not enough
* This refers to Ashutosh Varshney’s ‘Hearing the silence’ (IE, April 14). I agree with the writer’s assessment on what is contributing towards the Muslim community’s anxieties vis-à-vis Narendra Modi. Fine words butter no parsnips. He must apologise for the the 2002 riots once and for all.
— Satwant Kaur

Between the lines
* Narendra Modi’s refusal to wear a skull
cap is not as significant as his steadfast refusal to express contrition for the 2002 riots. One is left with the impression that he feels he has nothing to atone for. There is little in his conduct to suggest any kind of mellowness. The way in which he has moved, albeit behind the scenes, to cut his senior leaders to size is suggestive of his intention to clear hurdles in his path with extreme ruthlessness.
— C.V. Aravind