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Sleep mode

I was ashamed to read the report ‘Two attempts to incite riots,the first one failed but the second did not’.

Sleep mode

* I was ashamed to read the report ‘Two attempts to incite riots,the first one failed but the second did not’ (IE,October 7). One can’t comprehend as to how communal riots could break out unless the police were lax. Badhaipura had no history of communal violence so far. Hindus and Muslims have been living peacefully there all these years till October 2,the birthday of the apostle of peace — Mahatma Gandhi. When the first attempt to disturb peace was made on September 28,the police brokered peace between the two agitated communities and thought they had done their job and deserved rest. This sleep mode proved too costly as the enemy struck again two days later,only to be successful this time round. The local police seem to be at fault for not being alert after the first incident and therefore failing to tighten the vigil. Had they done so,the second incident would never have occurred or the culprit could have been apprehended. A thorough investigation is in order to nail the errant policemen.

— Yash P. Verma,Pune

Ironic timing

* The heinous act of inciting riots in Rudrapur is condemnable. It has been proved again that mercenaries can provoke people in the name of religion any time they want. Gandhi Jayanti,the birthday of a person who embodied non-violence,had to witness such a disgusting turn of events.

— Harsh Shukla,Pune

Saviour Anna?

* This refers to The New York Times interview of Anna Hazare published in your paper (‘I won’t contest polls,make a party or go into politics. But in 4-5 years,if I get good people,I will ask them to fight elections’,IE,October 7). Hazare’s contribution to the anti-corruption campaign is immense. He couldn’t have done it without the help of his team members. He has awakened the sleeping soul of India and has made people forcefully raise their voice against corruption. People are no longer afraid of opposing the corrupt. Some corrupt politicians have landed in jail while others live in fear. There’s a tremendous pressure on the government to reform the system or ship out. Some clever individuals are trying to drive a wedge between Hazare and his team by sowing the seeds of suspicion.

— R.J. Khurana,Bhopal

For dear life

* How shameful for DMK chief M. Karunanidhi to request Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi to spare the lives of the assassins of Rajiv Gandhi (‘Save convicts’ lives: Karunanidhi to PM,Sonia’,IE,October 7). Karunanidhi is playing communal politics to save the killers because they are Tamils even though they have been awarded death by the court and their mercy petition has been rejected by the president.

— Bhagwan Thadani,Mumbai