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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Science club

The prime minister’s concern is a timely wake-up call (‘China has beaten us in science: PM’,IE,January 4).

Written by The Indian Express | Published: January 6, 2012 2:54:28 am

Science club

The prime minister’s concern is a timely wake-up call (‘China has beaten us in science: PM’,IE,January 4). But a mere increase in R&D spend is not enough. It will have to be accompanied by a massive effort to generate a scientific spirit among future scientists. Science can’t be bought in the marketplace. It has to be developed as a habit,which in time becomes a passion,so much so that it compelled Montesquieu to give up office and study the governance of human societies and give to the world The Spirit of the Laws. It was this work which gave us the concept of separation of powers.

— V.S. Malhotra


Chinese lead

THE PM’s comparison of India with China was needless. China has beaten us in all sectors of development because of our dismal budgetary allocations,misgovernance,unimaginative planning and incompetence.

— M. Ratan

New Delhi

Same difference

THE induction of tainted politicians like Kushwaha,dropped by Mayawati,into the BJP has exposed the party’s duplicity on the issue of corruption. People are wondering whether L.K. Advani’s Jan Chetna Yatra against corruption last year was aimed at fooling them. Now the BJP may find it difficult to raise the issue of corruption in the assembly elections.

— Manoj Parashar


Calf love

HOW can a law aimed at bringing to justice people who kill cows be called draconian (‘Draconian’,IE,January 4)? People who commit such a heinous crime against an animal that provides us with milk deserve to be punished. Your editorial is not only misinformed but also full of hatred for Bharatiya sanskriti.

— Saurabh Goyal


Apropos ‘Using the cow’ (IE,January 5),by enacting such a strict law,the Madhya Pradesh government intends to protect both religious sentiments and animals. Such a law should be implemented at the national level. It is not the law,but Javed Anand’s misinterpretations and polarising statements that may disturb the communal harmony of the state.

— Sumeet Mahendra

New Delhi

Javed Anand is not wrong in expressing his strong reservations about the severe punishment stipulated in the MP act regarding cow slaughter and related offences. Seven years in jail is very severe indeed. Also,inspection of private premises must be subject to stronger conditions. But he need not have been so combative. The point to highlight is whether a lighter punishment will deter people from transporting illegally cows and calves for slaughter,killing them and selling their meat. If Muslims are more accommodative of Hindu religious sentiments,such severe punishment will not be required.

— R. Venkatanarayanan


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