Roaring mice

This refers to ‘Police raj’ (IE,June 12). Given the constant mindless application of serious sections of the law by the police

Written by The Indian Express | Published: June 14, 2013 12:45:05 am

Roaring mice

* This refers to ‘Police raj’ (IE,June 12). Given the constant mindless application of serious sections of the law by the police,it’s no wonder that most cases fall through,and the conviction rate is so abysmally low. The police go hammer and tongs after the rich and famous,perhaps to make an example of them,or perhaps because their indiscretions are highly visible,or maybe even because that’s where the most money can be made. The application of a law like MCOCA in the spot-fixing case by the Delhi Police and sedition charges against a cartoonist by the Mumbai Police reflects an arbitrary and high-handed attitude. The famous case of the two girls from Panvel,who were arrested for making innocuous comments on Facebook,is just another example. This trend continues,despite raps from the courts. Police reforms must take precedence over other issues.

—Ashok Goswami


Lumbering elephant

* THIS refers to ‘China links rivers,Yangtze water flows in Yellow river’ (IE,June 12). China’s initiative to mend the mismatch between the demand and supply of water in different parts of their country,through river-linking,is praiseworthy. This is in sharp contrast to India. Both countries announced their programmes for inter-basin water transfers about 10 years ago. While China has completed the first phase of its project,India is struggling to start work,even on prioritised links. This in spite of strong support from a parliamentary committee and an unambiguous directive from the Supreme Court. Similarly,while China has given the green signal to the Shuangjiangkou dam and hydroelectric project,one of the world’s largest,our plans to utilise Himalayan water resources remain mired in endless controversy. While China rapidly marches far ahead of us,we will have to remain content with our democracy alone.

— C.D. Thatte


Big brother

* THIS refers to ‘Privacy is not American’ (IE,June 13). With the increasing threat of terrorism across the world,I support the US government’s surveillance measures of tracking content hosted by popular internet sites,as I believe an individual’s life is more important than his privacy. These programmes,if coordinated among responsible countries,could be very effective in countering terrorism. However,the US government’s differential treatment of the right to privacy of US citizens and others is intolerable. It must not compromise on sharing its own citizens’ information with other countries.

— Apoorva Rao


Public good

* THIS refers to ‘Enter Modi,exit Advani’ (IE,June 11). Advani is making a mistake similar to Bhisma’s by being a status quoist. Modi and Advani must both realise that a dharma yudh can never be personal,it must always be for public good.

—Kapil Kaul


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