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Monday, July 16, 2018

RIP Gandolfini

This refers to ‘Missing Tony Soprano’ by Lee Siegel (IE,June 22)

Written by The Indian Express | Published: June 29, 2013 3:57:13 am

RIP Gandolfini

* This refers to ‘Missing Tony Soprano’ by Lee Siegel (IE,June 22). I completely agree with the writer on the universal resonance of James Gandolfini’s Tony Soprano,even though I have never set foot in the US,let alone New Jersey. Soprano was a character that you felt an instant connect with; he was able to convince you about the righteousness of who he is and what he does. He had the kind of people-management skills that every business manager probably craves. The multifaceted Soprano reminds one that in the web of one’s private,professional and social lives,there is no such thing as right or wrong. He may not have had the grandeur of a Corleone but he was contemporary,grounded,vulnerable and frighteningly real. Rest in peace,Tony Soprano.

— Abhimanyu Bishnoi


Quite a racquet

* THIS refers to ‘After slips,the big fall’( IE,June 28). Roger Federer is perhaps the greatest player to have wielded the tennis racquet. Since 2002,he has never had such an early exit from Wimbledon. The change of grass by a new groundsman at Wimbledon and the vagaries of the weather are being offered as possible reasons for Federer’s early exit from the Wimbledon. But a legend such as Federer is expected to court all difficulties and emerge triumphant. Of late,Federer has not been his usual consistent self. The old enthusiasm and stamina seems to be missing on court. The quicksilver reflexes and the brilliant recovery capacity are not on display as often as they used to be. Federer’s idol Pete Sampras never returned to Wimbledon after his defeat to a relatively unknown player in 2002. Will history repeat itself with Federer? Tennis fans hope not.

— Ganapathi Bhat


* TENNIS is mostly an individual’s game and the stakes are high at the Wimbledon. This year’s Wimbledon has seen early upsets. Rafael Nadal suffered defeat in the hands of Steve Darcis,ranked 135th,and Roger Federer lost to Ukrainian Sergiy Stakhovsky in the second round. The two favourites are out of the Wimbledon this year. But Andy Murray seems to have kept his cool and world number one Novak Djokovic seems certain to make it to the semi-finals. Injuries to players have also led to withdrawals. Maria Sharapova crashed out of the women’s singles after losing to M. Larcher de Brito. At Wimbledon,it pays to play a safe game and put the ball on the court rather than going for difficult shots.

— C.K. Subramaniam

Navi Mumbai

Trapeze act

* THIS refers to the editorial ‘Rule of Flux’ (IE,June 28). There is a saying that politics makes strange bedfellows. In current times,ethics and morals have nothing to do with alliances. In most cases,it’s a marriage of convenience. The DMK and Congress’s renewed love for each other should not come as a surprise. Regional parties have their own narrow agenda,and they swing from one alliance to the other with the ease of trapeze artistes.

— Ashok Goswami


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