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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Repaying society

It is good news that private hospitals are being held accountable for the concessional land they are allotted.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: October 25, 2013 12:02:07 am

* This refers to ‘500 cr,120 cr,100 cr penalty… Govt moves against 33 pvt hospitals’ (IE,October 24). It is good news that private hospitals are being held accountable for the concessional land they are allotted. Instead of repaying society by treating patients from the economically weaker sections for free,these hospitals have become pure profit-generating entities. The government must actively intervene to ensure that poor patients get quality medical care at affordable prices.

— Kiran Yadav


Same old

* This refers to ‘A touch of Americana’ by Shailaja Bajpai (IE,October 24). I must thank and congratulate Star Premier HD. Sitcom fans all over the country will be relieved that they can now watch the latest seasons of their favourite foreign TV shows,as they are aired in the US. They will no longer need to stream or download these shows to be up-to-date. When I was in college,Desperate Housewives was aired several seasons late in India. Bajpai’s account also reflects the diversity of entertainment that US TV shows offer compared to our own desi ones. Foreign shows seem to constantly explore new and untouched themes. In contrast,a majority of Indian TV shows still revolve around some sort of joint family,saas-bahu saga. Even shows like Bigg Boss,which follow the same format as foreign shows,are losing ground because of their lack of inventiveness.

— Gaurav Pant


A step forward

* This refers to ‘Managing the border’ (IE,October 24). Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to China culminated in fruitful bilateral agreements on rivers,roads and the border. As Europe and the US are experiencing serious economic crises,India cannot afford to ignore the emergence of China as an economic giant. We already have to contend with one hostile neighbour — Pakistan continues to launch periodic attacks against India and allows terrorists to use its territory as a base from which to attempt to destabilise India. In this context,our border agreement with China should help the government enormously.

— K.S. Sundaram


Tragic deaths

* It must be clarified that Rahul Gandhi’s grandmother and father were not victims of communalism. Both their murders were political and acts of terrorism. Indira Gandhi probably lost her life for ordering an attack on the Golden Temple. Rajiv Gandhi sent the Indian army to Sri Lanka,a decision that the LTTE resented. His assassination was tragic and masterminded by the LTTE. But he was not a victim of communalism either.

— V.N. Arora


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