Red-hot pursuit

Red-hot pursuit

As your editorial points out,the next four to six months will be crucial for us.

• As your editorial points out,the next four to six months will be crucial for us. The events of 26/11 have polarised world opinion on our side as never before. The Obama presidency is expected to be sympathetic to our anti-terror initiatives. The new dispensation at Dhaka will be congenial. The LTTE being on the run,Colombo could be more amenable. As always,China is the odd man out when it comes to India’s difficulties. As the editorial says,we cannot afford a major distraction on account of general elections. We must hit back at Pakistan with intense diplomatic offensive,to be followed up,if necessary,by giving one incisive chase,inside Pakistan,to the terrorist groups while the international opinion is still solidly in our favour and Mumbai is red hot on the anvil. This would be an object lesson for not only Pakistan but its ally,China,as well. This is the right time that our politicians show up as leaders,and act as such.

— R. Narayanan Ghaziabad

Brainstorm the fort

• While agreeing with the contention of Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon that some well-placed elements in the Pakistan government hierarchy were privy to the 26/11 commando-type operation and provided the logistics and other wherewithal for the attacks,I think it is futile to expect Pakistan to cooperate in handing over the terror masterminds. The US is unlikely to go all the way with India on this. Indian strategic and defence experts must put their heads together to suggest to the government a way out. Moreover,very little effort seems to have gone into finding out the Indian collaborators,as it is impossible to organise an attack of this scale,accuracy and ferocity without such collaborators. This angle must also be investigated,and the guilty brought to justice.

— R.J. Khurana Bhopal

• This refers to Home Minister P. Chidambaram’s interview. The UPA government’s response to Mumbai terror attack is wanting in strength. India has produced more than enough evidence already. The rest of the world may accept it — not Pakistan. No amount of condemnation by the world is likely to change Pakistan’s stand. The only way that may work is the US per chance stopping all the military and economic aids to that country. It will not,having its own interest to serve there. India will have to fight this one on its own. Military action against Pakistan being fraught with dangers,India might consider waging a similar low-cost war there.

— Sadashiv S. Apte Pune

High wasteful

• In her 18-month tenure,President Pratibha Patil has been travelling abroad and across the country a lot. Most of these trips are ornamental in nature. All she does is deliver stock speeches. Since she does not have a reputation for erudition or deep knowledge (as her predecessor had),her exhortations do not contribute much. In these difficult financial times,she should limit her visits to the absolutely necessary ceremonial ones.

— Y.G. Chouksey Pune