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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Red letter

It is widely believed that the police carry out fake encounters at the behest of their political bosses.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: September 6, 2013 12:01:09 am

* This refers to the editorial,‘Yours truly’ (IE,September 5). It is widely believed that the police carry out fake encounters at the behest of their political bosses,who,in turn,use these incidents to gather political mileage. The power that such individuals wield has ensured the silence of all institutions and people concerned. D.G. Vanzara’s disclosures may need to be investigated and verified,his reasons for making these revelations at this juncture probed,but his courage must be commended. The letter has certainly cast a shadow on Narendra Modi and his trusted lieutenant,Amit Shah. Both must speak out and clear themselves of allegations about their role in the Gujarat riots.

— R.K. Kapoor


Reinventing the RBI

* The editorial,‘Things to do’ (IE,September 5) rightly focuses on the challenges before the new RBI governor. The recovery in the stock market and the exchange value of the rupee is a thumbs-up to the change of guard. But this should not deflect attention from the enormity of the tasks before him. Modern banking operations have become much more complex and sophisticated than they were even a few decades ago. The regulatory structure and instruments need to take adequate note of this change. A vibrant banking sector is a crucial stabilising factor at a time when the global economy is in churn. What is really needed is a total recast and reinvention of the role of the RBI and its relationship with the ministry of finance.

— Naren N. Joshi


Double act

* After a long wait,the pension bill has finally got approval in the Lok Sabha (‘With BJP support,pension bill gets LS nod after 8 yrs’,IE,September 5). It is a step in the right direction,and will help create a modern pension system with a statutory regulator. It will allow the setting up of companies that can offer pension,as well as 26 per cent FDI in the sector. The pension bill was one of the key financial sector reforms beset by political differences. Government and opposition have done the public a great favour by coming together to pass this bill.

— Anandambal Subbu


Disappearing act

* With the opposition targeting the PM on the missing coal files,the Congress has asserted that files are not his direct responsibility (‘BJP stokes coal fire,want PM to depose before CBI’,IE,September 5). This is not a valid argument. The PM cannot escape accountability for the misdeeds of people and ministries under his watch. The department or individual responsible for the missing files must be identified. To ensure that such lapses do not occur in future,all important files should be digitised. Except for files concerning sensitive matters such as defence,all documents should be made publicly available online.

— Mahesh Kumar

New Delhi

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