Rashtrapati race

In the article,‘Pranab,we presume’,Shekhar Gupta has made a fair argument in favour of Pranab Mukherjee for president

Written by The Indian Express | Published: May 8, 2012 3:19:26 am

Rashtrapati race

* IN THE article,‘Pranab,we presume’ (IE,May 5),Shekhar Gupta has made a fair argument in favour of Pranab Mukherjee for president. Mukherjee,despite his “brilliance” and “hard work”,has been denied prime ministership,shouldn’t he be rewarded with presidency at the end of his long career?

— M. Ratan

New Delhi

* THIS refers to ‘Pranab,we presume’. There can be no debate on whether the president should be political or apolitical. The office requires him to deal with political matters. The argument that Pranab Mukherjee cannot be spared for the post of president is not justified. He is the fittest person for the job,having dealt with many important portfolios. He also has a clean record.

— Vijay D. Patil


* PRANAB Mukherjee could take over as prime minister and Manmohan Singh could be elevated to the post of president. Most political parties may agree to this simple arrangement as both are men of high stature.

— M.C. Garg


* SHEKHAR GUPTA rightly points out that it is high time the Congress made clear whether it would field Pranab Mukherjee for president. The best method,as suggested in the article,is to call a meeting of the Congress Working Committee and come to a decision. There is no need to keep him guessing for weeks.

— Yash P. Verma


It’s all relative

* THIS refers to ‘Paper General Singh spoke with claims PM and next Chief are kin’ (IE,May 5). The plea of the army chief,General V.K. Singh,on his date of birth was rejected on merit by the Supreme Court. Why muddy the waters any further?

— Sham Lal Langer

New Delhi

Casting aspersions

* APROPOS ‘What is your caste’ (IE,May 7),corruption has stemmed from a loss of integrity in public life. Those who have stopped listening to their conscience will most likely indulge in unethical practices. It has become fashionable to prioritise self over service to the people. Leaders should reverse the trend by making an example of themselves. It is not very difficult to root out corruption if strong will is exercised at all levels.

— Sharda Bhargav


* THE article ‘What’s your caste?’ gives an unnecessary twist to the issue of corruption. It is well established that corruption knows no caste,creed or religion. If anyone is in prison for wrongdoing there is no need to ask what the person’s caste is. The more serious matter to be scrutinised is whether anyone has been falsely charged with corruption because of his or her caste.

— Kamalesh Nair


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