Property deal

Property deal

This refers to ‘HC orders prosecution of Mumbai Cong chief Kripashankar; he quits’

Property deal

* This refers to ‘HC orders prosecution of Mumbai Cong chief Kripashankar; he quits’ (IE,February 23). It’s a pity the Bombay high court had to intervene in the ongoing corruption case against Kripashankar Singh. He should have relinquished his post a long time ago and faced trial. The case should be put on the fast track.

—Deepak Chikramane Mumbai

Bad conduct

* Apropos ‘Don’t break the code’ (IE,February 23),Congress politicians have been pulled up by the Election Commission for the violation of the model code of conduct. Instead of disciplining its leaders,the Congress is trying to clip the wings of the EC. The EC should be vested with more power as recommended by former CECs and others.

—N. Ramamurthy Chennai

Let EC be

* It should be appreciated that each violation of the model code of conduct is being looked into and acted upon by the EC. The reported proposal to take power away from the EC would be a step in the wrong direction. It would enable violators of the code of conduct to get away with the violation and,if they were to win the election,they would enjoy office for a long time since matters pertaining to election disputes take a long time to be decided. Taking away the EC’s teeth is not in public interest.

—P.R.A. Nair New Delhi


* The editorial ‘Statutory warning’ (IE,February 21),voicing concern over the UPA government’s ill-advised move to remove the model code of conduct from the EC’s purview,is a fine ethical response from The Indian Express. When T.N. Seshan enforced electoral discipline,it hurt some politicians. The EC was converted into a three-member body. It endeared itself to people by its largely non-partisan approach,the latest being its strong condemnation of UPA leaders violating the code of conduct. The proposed move to contain the EC’s role is fraught with dangerous implications. This shortsighted view of the UPA should be discouraged.

— V.N. Ramachandran Vadodara

Trade ties

* In ‘Indo-Pak trade track’ (IE,February 23),the writer details how much Pakistan’s people are losing due to Islamabad’s misplaced and faulty policies. As an immediate neighbour,Pakistan can have booming trade with India. The economy of both countries will flourish if the belligerence is discarded.

— Sharda Bhargav Jalandhar

Battering powerplay

* The bickering between senior members of India’s cricket team and captain M.S. Dhoni is shameful. There was no need for Gautam Gambhir to comment that the match versus Australia could have finished in the 48th over. And it was ridiculous for Virender Sehwag to say during the press conference that he had taken a great catch.

—Ramanujam Chary Pune