Procurement push

The army chief highlighted in public the shortage of defence supplies. It has also led to an investigation by the CBI

Written by The Indian Express | Published: April 4, 2012 12:25:47 am

Procurement push

* The army chief highlighted in public the shortage of defence supplies. It has also led to an investigation by the CBI. It’s heartening to note Defence Minister A.K. Antony has now taken the initiative to sort out the issue (‘Procurement gets a push after Antony,Gen meet’,IE,April 3). As a result,the procurement procedure has been streamlined,reducing future delay. The ordinary citizen hopes eventualities that could compromise the security of the country will not crop up.

— P.R.A. Nair New Delhi

Tough call

* Apropos the editorial ‘Zardari is welcome’ (IE,April 3),somehow one is not able to share your enthusiasm in welcoming the Pakistani president for the simple reason that he played it safe on 26/11. It’s difficult to believe he didn’t know anything. His exposure to politics is very recent and the only thing that can be said to his credit is that he has not been as expressly hostile to India as others. If this can be taken as a positive sign,then there may not be any harm in extending our hand to him.

— V. Subramanyan Dombivli


* I am shocked to read ‘Send Army Chief on forced leave,says former NSA’ (IE,April 2). Does Brajesh Mishra mean Singh’s writing to the PM about defence preparedness was uncalled for? However,calling the general “berserk” is most uncharitable. He may be a whistleblower who has forced the defence ministry to act.

— Yash P. Verma Pune

Money muscle

* Apropos the editorial ‘EC does it’ (IE,April 3),going against the party line,L.K. Advani’s decision to support the EC’s move to cancel the Jharkhand Rajya Sabha election,because of the alleged use of money power,is a refreshing development in our otherwise partisan politics. Very rarely do our leaders set aside party interests for the sake of probity. This calls for the need to take durable steps to stop the backdoor entry into Parliament through questionable means.

— Tarsem Singh New Delhi

Populist designs

* K.P.S. GILL’S ‘Hanging in Balance’ is an apt and incisive analysis of the petty politics that people with vested interests play. This damages our legal and constitutional framework. One also fails to understand why the coverage of such an unfortunate development is so lukewarm in the media and why are they failing to build public opinion against such nefarious designs.

— R.C. Mehta New Delhi

Wasted talent

* On a government which can allow the dismissal of an able minister who tried to bring change to the railways and which couldn’t stop the roll back of important decisions,your advice in ‘Don’t waste talent’ (IE,April 2) would be actually wasted. One requires a mix in every government and only talent or a clean personality will not help.

— Vinay Singhal Gurgaon

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