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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Prejudiced analysis

A political analyst must exercise extreme caution while analysing and pronouncing a verdict.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: September 19, 2013 12:20:03 am

* This refers to ‘Limits of people power’ by Ranjit Gupta (IE,September 16). A political analyst must exercise extreme caution while analysing and pronouncing a verdict on the political landscape of other countries. Gupta’s examination of Mohamed Morsi’s government relied on interpreting the proportion of the votes polled in Morsi’s favour in the presidential elections and the referendum. He felt they indicated the lack of mass support for the Muslim Brotherhood’s conservatism. But if we used that same yardstick to evaluate Indian democracy,we might have to conclude that it is no better than Egypt’s. In fact,the vote

and seat shares of the ruling party in India are usually lower than what Morsi got. Gupta also asserted that the Muslim Brotherhood established an Islamist dictatorship. I beg to differ. They won an election fair and square. It was no dictatorship.

— M. Mubasshir


Party democracy

* This refers to ‘NDA 2 needs Atal 2’ by Sudheendra Kulkarni (IE,September 17). The BJP is a cadre-based party,unlike most other political parties,with the exception of the communists. But who comprise the cadres of the BJP? The swayamsevaks do. That the opinion of the BJP cadre is conveyed to the party via the RSS top brass is not something to be ashamed of. This kind of party democracy is a matter of pride. Can one seriously call this interference? L.K. Advani’s reservations were given a fair hearing and he has now accepted the party’s decision. If Advani was in the Congress,he would have lost his place in the party by now. It is a matter of pride that the BJP respects dissent.

— S.V. Paradkar


Understandable fear

* This refers to the editorial ‘The last reactor’ (IE,September 17). Japan has overreacted to the Fukushima Daiichi disaster by turning off all its nuclear reactors. The Fukushima incident was tragic and catastrophic,and Japanese antipathy towards nuclear energy is justified and understandable,but its sudden shift towards non-renewable energy will be a drag on its economy. Hopefully,the nuclear safety audits will assuage the Japanese people’s fears so they can go back to using nuclear energy.

— Gaurav Gupta

New Delhi

Asleep on the job

* This refers to ‘Ranbaxy gets 3rd USFDA shocker for Mohali Plant’ (IE,September 17). It is shocking that in spite of having been pulled up by the US authorities in the past,Ranbaxy has failed to learn any lessons in quality control. One wonders what the Indian regulators are doing. How is it that Ranbaxy’s subpar drugs haven’t made their radars beep?

— Narayan Badmanji


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