Pragmatic budget

Sensationalism is one way to describe the manner in which certain sections of the media tried to influence public sentiment on the issue of the budget.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: February 18, 2009 10:49:36 pm

Sensationalism is one way to describe the manner in which certain sections of the media tried to influence public sentiment on the issue of the budget. Every nation,big or small,has been affected by the global meltdown. India is no exception. In fact,we are better off than most. Hence,Pranab Mukherjee’s budget is pragmatic and apt.

— R. Narayanan Ghaziabad

Losing their way

Asif Ali Zardari showed panic. The Pakistani army,politicians and bureaucrats exploited the masses in the name of Islam and Kashmir and in turn were exploited by the US. The US helped build the Pakistani army,which is now beyond its control. Further,proxy wars were encouraged in Kashmir but this was an evident failure: in fact Pakistanis are on the verge of losing their country progressively to the Taliban.

— R.C. Goyel Ambala

Road to failure

The peace deal with the Taliban,agreed to by the Pakistan civilian government,may result in the loss of freedom and the repression of women. One must be prepared for a reign of terror. In fact,this may well be the beginning of Pakistan’s loss of sovereignty. This is worrying for all. Further,civilian institutions and organisations have failed to perform their duty in controlling the fast growing terror network. It will become increasingly difficult to save Pakistan from becoming a failed state.

— Ved Guliani Hisar

Bigger picture

Bharat Karnad’s ‘Blinkered vision’ has highlighted the unique nature of wars fought between India and Pakistan since 1947. However,the nature of these wars has been attributed solely to the demographic strength and resultant electoral clout of Indian Muslims. India’s eschewal of a war of annihilation with Pakistan has been ascribed directly to the influence of the Muslim vote. This completely overlooks the impact of prevalent circumstances when the different wars were fought,and ignores the role played by various international players in shaping the contours of not just the wars but also bilateral relations.

— Salim A. Inamdar

New Delhi


Reform to perform 

Another general election is due and there is obvious hope for fair governance. However,despite 61 years of independence it appears as though the Indian elite have not made a conscious effort to eliminate social fault lines. The character of Indian democracy is strongly linked to our political parties. The lack of democratic practices within parties has encouraged parochialism,nepotism and propagation of dynastic rule in some. These trends have resulted in the erosion of values,criminalisation of politics and the politicisation of crime. It is time voters realised that critical needs will only be assured through stability and good governance with accountability.

— Mathew Oommen


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