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Popular verdict

To his credit,Modi does this consistently and not just when elections are round the corner.

Popular verdict

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is once again trying to retrieve his image (‘Hang me if found guilty,Modi tells Urdu weekly’,IE,July 27). To his credit,Modi does this consistently and not just when elections are round the corner. Being the ambitious leader that he is,Modi will not rest before he has a shot at being prime minister. Modi is a mass leader. He is bound to have admirers as well as detractors from a cross-section of society. Till now,courts and commissions have not been able to book or exonerate him. As long as he is in public life,the voters will be his only judge. No amount of discussion in the media or agitation by social activists will really affect him.

— Ganapathi Bhat,Akola

Nothing to hide

This refers to ‘Hang me if found guilty,Modi tells Urdu weekly’. Rival politicians are inclined to incite animosity against Narendra Modi,purely for their own advantage. Even the media seems biased in this case. If Godhra cannot be put to rest,the silence on the Sikh riots of 1984 should also be broken. Perhaps it is in the best interests of the nation if old wounds are allowed to heal,and we let the law take its course.

— Deepak Chikramane


Food for thought

THIS refers to ‘Haryana village raises wall to shut out Dalits,they get “gaps” to pass’ (IE,July 27). The panchayat of Bhagana village clearly cannot be trusted to do its job. Dalits have tolerated oppression all these years but are not willing to take it anymore. This reminds me of Untouchable by Mulk Raj Anand. Bakha,a low-caste boy listens to Gandhi’s speech and feels inspired to raise his voice against untouchability,and swims against the current as this oppression was accepted by his own community. Perhaps Anna Hazare and his team should take inspiration from such news reports and raise their voice against this social malaise instead of constantly fasting against corruption and ruining their health.

— G. Dominic Savio


Something rotten

APROPOS the report ‘Air Force plans,projects leaked’ (IE,July 20),the leak of highly classified documents on various plans,projects and procurements by the air force is shocking. The most disturbing aspect of this incident is the magnitude of the leak,especially as it involves some extremely vital information. This calls for a complete overhaul of the security systems of the air force. The culprits should be given exemplary punishment,irrespective of their status.

— S.K. Gupta