Persian fire

The targeting of Israeli and Jewish interests in India since the 2008 Mumbai attacks is a serious issue

Written by The Indian Express | Published: February 16, 2012 3:54:18 am

Persian fire

* The targeting of Israeli and Jewish interests in India since the 2008 Mumbai attacks is a serious issue (‘Internal,external’,IE,February 15). New Delhi has to take an stand on the Iranian nuclear issue as well as on Hezbollah if India is to consider itself as having power with stature. \Yet,just because of this incident,Delhi should not cave in to the pressure tactics used by Washington and its allies to make India a party to their punitive measures against Iran.

— Subhajit Chandra New Delhi

* India has been exposed to an “innovative” method of the magnetic bomb attack. Iran’s involvement is being talked about. Post investigations,India will have to nail and name the group or country behind the dastardly act. We need to call spade a spade.

— Deepak Chikramane Mumbai

Encouraging terror?

* Non-state actors have used India as the theatre for terrorist activities against Israel. India has become vulnerable to forces operating to settle scores with each other. India’s approach to punishing terrorists,even after nabbing them,may be encouraging them to strike with impunity.

— K.V. Seetharamaiah Hassan

Walk the talk

* The editorial ‘Yatha raja,tatha CBI?’ (IE,February 15) has called a spade a spade. In India,rhetoric and reality are poles apart both in politics and bureaucracy. The CBI director is not different from his political masters in not walking the talk. He must practise what he preaches.

— Satwant Kaur Mahilpur

Say who they are

* The CBI director has said what the UPA has been denying. During a debate in Parliament on black money,the finance minister had refused to accept the facts and was evasive about the government’s actions to recover the loot. The steady refusal of the government to disclose the list of people with illegal money abroad confirms the involvement of the powerful.

— N. Ramamurthy Chennai

Word player

* Though very few in number,each one of Shahryar’s songs is of immense lyrical and metrical rhythm. Nothing can make them fade from one’s memory if even once listened to (‘Sultan of sleep’,IE,February 15). That was his playing with words — the quintessential,authentic shayar.

— Harihar Sharma Agra


* This refers to ‘Adventures of Hergé’ (IE,February 13). The popularity of Tintin lies in the presentation of historical facts,geographical details,architectural marvels,people,places and culture. Everything is so real,a reader never raises doubts. The sketches are marvellous; every frame elucidates the story so well. And how can we forget Tintin’s companions: Snowy,Captain Haddock,Professor Calculus and Thomson and Thompson?

— G. Bhattacharya Porbandar

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