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Friday, July 20, 2018

Pakistan’s hope

With the return of Nawaz Sharif as prime minister-in-waiting,Pakistan’s destiny is expected to change.

Published: May 17, 2013 3:49:33 am

With the return of Nawaz Sharif as prime minister-in-waiting,Pakistan’s destiny is expected to change. The country’s voters have shown extraordinary courage in braving threats of violence and casting their vote. It is a welcome sign that the people of Pakistan want democracy. This time,they have put their faith in PML-N and rejected the corrupt PPP government. The election of Sharif has been hailed by the US,UK,China,India and other countries. It is anticipated that the new dispensation will strive to strengthen political relations and reassure the world that Pakistan is no longer a perpetrator of global terrorism. Sharif will give top priority to the normalisation of relations with India,Afghanistan and the US. It is hoped that he will work for a stable,prosperous and secure Pakistan,and that he will focus on development and on bolstering the economy.

— R.K. Talwar Amritsar

Damascus riddles

THIS refers to the article ‘In the Syrian arena’ by Rajender Abhyankar (IE,May 16). In spite of the agreement between the US and Russia,the involvement of Islamists in the conflict adds a fearful new dimension. It is

thought that al-Qaeda supports the rebels and Chechen terrorist groups are also supplying arms and ammunition to them. The Syrian regime is also allied with Hezbollah,whose prime target is Israel. The US and terror groups seem to find themselves on the same side as both would like to see the Syrian regime go. The US is in a bind. It had no choice but to come to an agreement with Russia,but the prospect of a peaceful resolution still remains far away.

— Ankush Nandy Durgapur

People’s PM

INDER MALHOTRA’S piece,‘The PM’s sabha’ (IE,May 16),is timely. As he pithily puts it,there is such a thing as the spirit of the Constitution,not to mention the time-honoured conventions of parliamentary democracy. It is tragic that a statesman like Manmohan Singh should have gone against these principles,albeit inadvertently. He has set a dangerous precedent: the chief ministers of Bihar,Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh have chosen to remain members of the Upper House in their respective states.

—-Sharadchandra Panse Pune

POLITICAL parties should declare their prime ministerial candidates before general elections and these candidates should contest Lok Sabha seats. This will empower citizens to make an informed decision while casting their vote. Further,the prime minister,along with his council of ministers,should take firm decisions keeping in mind the welfare of the country. Sadly,in the current scenario,the Congress party chief seems to be taking major policy decisions and the performance of our prime minister leaves much to be desired.

— Ketan R. Meher Thane

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