Paint the town blue

Paint the town blue

There is no space for symbolism when there are mammoth issues to be sorted

Paint the town blue

Apropos ‘Mamata gives Kolkata the blues: orders buildings,railing,taxis to be re-painted in “colour of the sky”’ (IE,February 17),the motto of Mamata’s government may be “the sky is the limit” but in terms of the state’s economy and social welfare it is still six feet under. There is no space for symbolism when there are mammoth issues to be sorted. Spend the money,not inanely on paint,but on effective policies which might see a greener and brighter tomorrow.

— Rini Aich,New Delhi

For god’s sake

APROPOS ‘No law says homosexuality is unnatural… society has changed,says apex court’ (IE,February 17),the Bible says in Leviticus 20:13 that a man lying with a man is an abomination. The woman was created to be the helpmeet of man and marriage is a sacred institution. Allowing homosexuality is transgressing the laws of god.

— Vijayakumar


Poll dance

THE way Union minister Beni Prasad Verma challenged the Election Commission with his minority quota comments is shocking. His remarks show that the Congress does not hesitate in targeting constitutional authorities. Priyanka Gandhi too defended Salman Khurshid’s remarks on sub-quota. The EC failed to act against Khurshid for the violation of the Code of Conduct. Now it should salvage its image.

— Manoj Parashar


Old ties


THOUGH it’s not yet clear who was behind the attack on Israel in India,it has resulted in a spate of accusations against Iran. This,once again,has given an opportunity to the US-Israel combine to target Iran’s uranium-enrichment programme. If oil supply from Iran to the world stops for some reason,prices will shoot up. Now,Israel wants India to back its UN resolution on the “Iran attacks”. Without evidence,India rightly doesn’t want Iran named. It should persuade the US to try the diplomatic route to defuse tension and remind them that India’s interests in Iran extend much beyond oil.

— Bidyut K. Chatterjee


No Anna effect

THERE were no Anna Hazare supporters at the polling booths in the Maharashtra municipal elections. Does that mean that we may have to live with corruption for a long time?

— S.K. Balasubramanian



Apropos ‘We need Salander’ (IE,February 17),the censor board shows its double standards by allowing sex as an inherent element of comedy and melodrama in films like Delhi Belly and Dirty Picture and by barring it from being used as a serious topic in a movie like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

— Aman Singhania