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Monday, July 23, 2018

Not funny

This refers to ‘Dangers of deletion’ (IE,May 14). One felt reassured when the new,content-rich NCERT textbooks were made available to children.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: May 16, 2012 2:58:35 am

Not funny

This refers to ‘Dangers of deletion’ (IE,May 14). One felt reassured when the new,content-rich NCERT textbooks were made available to children. How relieved parents must have felt when civics finally overcame its banality and started making sense by rooting itself in the discourse of political realities in India. It pains us to see our parliamentarians make yet another mockery of the space they are elected to. “Civil society” must now raise its voice against this retrograde politics of agitation over issues that are mostly figments of crude imagination. Our children’s future is far too critical to be left in the hands of those who seem to have little more than nuisance value. We should ignore these intellectually bankrupt attention seekers. The advisers to NCERT should not have resigned.

— Monica Banerjee

New Delhi

AFTER examining the controversial cartoon,it is clear that both Nehru and Ambedkar are wielding whips and goading the snail to move faster,implying that the process of framing our Constitution should be speeded up. The conclusion that Nehru is “whipping” Ambedkar is absurd,both share the same concerns about the drafting of the Constitution. The outrage that Parliament has shown over an old cartoon could have been directed at the killing of jawans by Maoists.

— K.L. Khandekar


Hobson’s choice

THE antics of former Karnataka chief minister B.S. Yeddyurappa have landed the state BJP in deep trouble (‘Karnataka crisis: Yeddyurappa “postpones” decision to quit’,IE,May 14). Before long,the BJP central leadership will have to choose between Yeddyurappa and its government in Karnataka. Yeddyurappa must think that if he is not in power,it will be difficult to elude prosecution by the CBI for his alleged involvement in illegal mining. Therefore the scramble to return to the CM’s seat. If the BJP yields to pressure from Yeddyurappa,it will be accused of supporting an allegedly corrupt politician for the sake of retaining power. If it doesn’t,the BJP government will probably not survive. The party had best ignore him and let the government fall if it must. Karnataka will judge a party by its principles and not by its capacity to manipulate systems of power.

— R.J. Khurana


Freedom fighters

THIS refers to ‘Yes he can’ (IE,May 12). India need not follow the US blindly. To look for the clergy’s endorsement of a union between two individuals of the same sex is like expecting Marxists to endorse market economy. If not marriage,a civil union that permits the cohabitation of such individuals should be allowed.

— Raghu Seshadri


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