No excuses

Democratic processes and values must be adhered to by the elected representatives. They also ought to preserve the sanctity of the House......

Published: February 27, 2009 2:35:23 am

Murky situations in the 14th Lok Sabha and the loss of parliamentary hours are unpardonable (‘They,the people’,IE,February 16). Democratic processes and values must be adhered to by the elected representatives. They also ought to preserve the sanctity of the House. However,legislators cannot be denied the opportunity to voice their legitimate questions and/ or grievances in Parliament. Also,the passage of important bills without deliberation is unhealthy.

— N.V. Unnithan


Picture this

Closer ties between the Congress and the BJP may appear necessary,given the political and electoral map of the country (‘My enemy’s enemy’ IE,February 24). Terrorism has perhaps eclipsed communalism as the biggest security threat. Coordinated and determined efforts are needed across the nation to combat it. And then there’s the economic crisis. All of this calls for the two big national parties to come together. But while the idea is not naïve,implementing it is anything but easy.

— Y.G. Chouksey


Careful moves

The Bangladesh Rifles’ mutiny is a matter of serious concern for the subcontinent. Although the apparent reason for the rebellion is the jawans’ pay,the tendency of armed forces in India’s neighbourhood to assume political roles is cause for worry. India must respond with caution. Any strong statement by New Delhi would be seen as interference in the internal affairs of Bangladesh,especially when the current PM is perceived to be India’s friend. Nevertheless,it is in India’s interest that anti-democratic and extremist forces do not destabilise Sheikh Hasina’s government.

 — Amit Pradhan



Climate control

This refers to ‘Green Modi plans climate change dept’ (IE,February 25). Narendra Modi has taken a step in the right direction in his decision to set up a separate department for monitoring climate change. So far only a few NGOs and some individuals were working to this effect. But the state government’s involvement should help dealing with the challenges effectively.

— Manoj Parashar


Sinking the Bar

Lawyers’ rampage and arson in the Madras High Court premises were a matter of unmitigated shame for the nation. The Supreme Court has rightly made its observations thereon. One hopes that the guilty will be punished. Policemen and lawyers can’t go on accusing each other indefinitely — one’s supposed to protect the rule of law and the other to uphold the law. The Madras High Court violence and whatever’s followed from it concern the nation as a whole. Therefore the inquiry needs to be conducted as speedily as possible.

— R.J. Khurana


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