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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Music as torture

This refers to ‘The party’s over’ by Saritha Rai

Written by The Indian Express | Published: August 14, 2013 12:11:53 am

Music as torture

* This refers to ‘The party’s over’ by Saritha Rai (IE,August 12). It is true that certain rules,such as restrictions on women pub goers and checks on liquor in parties,are unnecessary and obsolete given the current times. Still,I strongly believe that prescribing a time limit beyond which one must cease playing loud music,at parties or otherwise,is necessary. I spent my childhood living next to a community centre that was known for its raucous parties. I have personally experienced the inconvenience it inflicts on people who live nearby. Even in advanced Western countries,people’s liberty to play loud music is subject to restrictions. Interestingly,subjecting prisoners to loud music is a form of torture practised in Guantanamo.

— Gaurav Pant


Modi’s rally

* This refers to ‘Citing Pak,China,Modi attacks “soft” UPA,woos TDP’ (IE,August 12). Narendra Modi opened his innings in south India in an impressive manner at his Hyderabad rally. He created history of sorts by using his rally as a platform to raise money for the Uttarakhand floods,asking people to make an optional Rs 5 donation. In spite of this,his rally was well attended. I believe that Modi is well n his way to bringing the BJP back to the point where Atal Bihari Vajpayee left it in 2004. Tech savvy and with a stellar administrative record,Modi is an irresistible prime ministerial candidate.

— Parminder Singh


* Modi says the UPA is “soft” on terror. Losing five soldiers is a moment of grief for the whole nation,but surely the answer to this is not to declare war or escalate the conflict,which might result in our losing many more brave soldiers. Taking stern,immediate action,without being jingoistic,will win the confidence of the majority of voters.

— Hiffzan Ahmad


Infertile ground

*Thomas L. Friedman makes an imaginative comparison between two very diverse instances of monoculture and draws interesting inferences (‘Monocultures of the East and West’,IE,August 12). Closer home,we have a similar example — Punjab’s fertile land has been corrupted by an endless cultivation cycle of paddy and wheat. Experts have been crying themselves hoarse about this dangerous trend and have tried to encourage soil replenishment through the cultivation of more diverse crops — cereals,soybean,vegetables etc — but to no avail. The soil quality in Punjab has been ruined. Efforts to encourage diversification are undone by high minimum support prices for rice and wheat.

— Shailesh Rai


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