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This refers to ‘From Pakistan,says Pakistan’.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: February 16, 2009 12:51:36 am

This refers to ‘From Pakistan,says Pakistan’. The acceptance by Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik of Pakistan’s involvement in the Mumbai conspiracy comes as a silver lining to combat the menace of terrorism in the subcontinent. The disclosure,though delayed,not only exhibits the magnitude and the global character of the terrorist operations but also the positive commitment of the international community to fight terror. This joint commitment hopefully would bring cordiality in the strained Indo-Pakistan relations and a terror-free South Asia in the near future.

— Arundhati Sharma

New Delhi

It’s a shift

Pakistan’ admission that the perpetrators of 26/11 are Pakistani is a significant milestone. It is,indeed,the government’s diplomatic success: it might well be a step in restructuring Indo-Pak relations. The Central government must be congratulated for its patience. The US played a very important role in bringing about this confession. However,it is wrong to assume too much from other countries; India needs to now fight its war on its own. It may not be wise to push Pakistan against the wall; its cooperation is needed. While the civilian government has its own limitation owing to the circumstances,the military is highly irresponsible. If Pakistan needs some time,it should be given some,as there may not be an alternative.

— M.H. Nayak


Our culture

Is the Indian culture and tradition so weak that it can be corrupted by women going to pubs and wearing jeans?. Do female foeticide,infanticide and subjecting women to all types of untold cruelties and atrocities make for Indian culture? It is shocking that the self-appointed keepers of morals of Indian society are continuing with their loathsome activities. Our responses to the Taliban for targeting women are so very apt but ignoring and tolerating home-grown Talibanism is shameful.

— Satwant Kaur


Be neutral

The conclusion that a non-partisan or neutral Election Commission is best constituted by the appointment of “directly opposed partisans” is provocative but liable to be rejected. It ignores the various alternative ways in which an election commissioner may be appointed to ensure neutrality — such as by a committee that has representation from the principal opposition parties. More fundamentally,the idea that election commissioners who,among other things,adjudicate disputes between political parties can admittedly be partisan militates against basic norms of fairness and natural justice,and sets an extremely dangerous precedent.

— Ritin Rai

New Delhi

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