Monti’s marines

This refers to the report ‘Risked global isolation over marines,says Italian PM’

Written by The Indian Express | Published: April 1, 2013 10:10:58 pm

Monti’s marines

* This refers to the report ‘Risked global isolation over marines,says Italian PM’ (IE,March 29). It was better late than never. India has appreciated Italy’s commitment to honour the Supreme Court ruling. Outgoing Italian PM Mario Monti has upheld the law by sending the two accused marines back.

— Deepak Chikramane


Statues of promise

* IT IS nice to know that Prithviraj Chavan is taking steps to erect an offshore memorial for Shivaji because the Congress-NCP 2004 poll manifesto promised it (‘State to take up Shivaji Memorial issue with Environment Ministry next week’,IE,March 29). At long last,someone is taking their electoral promises seriously. Perhaps the chief minister accidentally overlooked another promise in the same manifesto — that they would “implement the recommendation of the Srikrishna Commission in letter and spirit”.

— Saleem Khan


IPL misled

* THE article ‘Dropped catch’ (IE,March 29) rightly argues that the IPL has failed “the religion (that is,cricket)” of India. The IPL has always been in the news for controversial reasons. Preventing the talented Sri Lankans from playing at Chepauk discredits the authorities further. The IPL has been distracted from its path in the cricketing universe and forgotten what it was meant to do.

— H.R. Bajaj


* Sports and politics should never be mixed. It’s unfortunate that Sri Lankan players have been barred from IPL matches in Chennai. If there were security concerns,the whole tournament should have been rescheduled. Barring players from particular venues reduces the stature of the tournament. The BCCI’s decision looks premature. The Chennai matches could have been shifted to a neutral venue. Sri Lankan players have always enjoyed patronage from Indian crowds and one would have thought there was no threat to them here.

— S.N. Kabra


Rein in the tension

* The brawl between North Korea and South Korea escalated after Pyongyang’s successful launch of the three-stage rocket last December. It not only angered the US and Seoul but was also condemned by the international community. Then the North conducted its nuclear test in February. Thereafter,US B52 bombers and B2 stealth bombers made sorties over South Korea and triggered an alarm in the North. Already angered by UN sanctions and the US-South Korea drill,Kim Jong-un has declared that the time has come to “settle accounts” with the US. To defuse the growing tensions,the matter must get international attention,as a war on the Korean peninsula can develop into a nuclear one.

— Vijay D. Patil


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