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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Modern irony

The lack of toilets in our country is quite shameful.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: October 6, 2013 12:10:14 am

* This refers to ‘Cong slams Modi for toilet remark,BJP over silence’ (IE,October 4). I appreciate BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s statement that the country needs more toilets than temples. Indeed,the lack of toilets in our country is quite shameful. Several studies have pointed out how improved sanitation may have a greater effect on malnutrition than the Food Security Act. That we have more mobile phones than toilets in 21st century India is ironic. Instead of appreciating the truth in Modi’s statement,political parties are,once again,attempting to stir undue controversies and slam one another. The VHP was quick to denounce Modi’s statement and demanded that the BJP also condemn it. I wonder whether VHP and Bajrang Dal activists will resort to the same rude protest that they conducted outside Jairam Ramesh’s house after he made a similar statement last year.

— R.K. Kapoor


Non-credible deterrent

* APROPOS ‘Deterrence is not a fantasy’,by Shyam Saran and Sheelkant Sharma (IE,October 3),no one in their right mind would deny that deterrence is an essential component of a country’s military strategy. What is worrisome,however,is the defect in the design of our nuclear operations structure. Keeping the military,which is essential to demonstrating operational ability,out of the “nuclear loop” undermines the credibility of our deterrent. This aspect needs urgent attention.

— Ranjit B. Rai


Accidental upside

* THIS refers to ‘The upside of the falling rupee’,by Neelkanth Mishra (IE,October 4). The rupee’s fall has been caused by the callous mismanagement of our economy. If there is any upside to it,it is purely accidental. India’s weakness is its lack of manufacturing capability. We are lagging behind technologically. Instead of reinventing the wheel,we must encourage FDI. This will not only boost manufacturing,but also bring new technology and best-practice business administration to India.

— Joginder Pal Sharma


Inspiring hope

* This refers to ‘Pressure of a button’ by S.Y. Quraishi (IE,October 2). I agree that the manner in which the Supreme Court has empowered citizens,through right-minded electoral reform,is really commendable. The fact that the Election Commission had been recommending the inclusion of the “none of the above” button on EVMs for a while,but was being blocked by the government from doing so,is interesting.

Even though NOTA votes will have no bearing on electoral outcomes it will definitely create pressure on political parties to field candidates with good public images. This judgment has certainly inspired hope among the people,more so than several other reformatory judgments in the recent past.

— A. Kumar


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