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Supreme Court setting aside the July 2009 judgment of the Delhi High Court which declared Section 377 of the IPC unconstitutional.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: December 12, 2013 3:26:02 am

* This refers to the Supreme Court setting aside the July 2009 judgment of the Delhi High Court which declared Section 377 of the IPC unconstitutional. With due respect to the court,the heavens would not have fallen if homosexuality was to remain decriminalised. The HC had decriminalised certain forms of private and consensual sex. If consenting adults want to engage in certain activities in private,why should the people who have been vociferously opposing this have sleepless nights? It’s simply none of their or the Indian state’s business. The existence of homosexuality and “homosexual behaviour” is a matter of fact. It is hidden from public view because people are apprehensive of being socially stigmatised and being harassed by the police. At present,they are forced to live a life of humiliation or secrecy. The SC has put the ball in Parliament’s court. People hope that it will take a progressive call on the issue,although the probability of this happening seems quite low.

— Hemant Kumar


Seeing red

* This refers to ‘Seeing the light’ (IE,December 11). The Supreme Court was right to restrict the use of red beacons by public servants. The next step should be to rationalise the deployment of security personnel for VIP “protection”. This too has become a status symbol. At rally after rally,politicians mouth pieties about how they want to work for “the people”. If so,they ought to free up some security personnel to ensure safety for the

rest of us.

— N. Mahadevan


* It is to be hoped that the Supreme Court sets an example and asks judges to not use red beacons. This would have more moral force than its judgment. Really,only the police and other emergency vehicles need beacons. We’ve come to a point where people will see red if they catch beacons being misused.

— Tarsem Singh


Rahul experiments

* This refers to ‘It’s good to lose’ by Mani Shankar Aiyar (IE,December 10). It’s good that at least one Congressman sees things the way they are — his party is going to sit on the opposition benches after the 2014 elections. It’s fine for Rahul Gandhi to experiment with trying to change the Congress. But people are not ready to hand the country over

to Gandhi — whose success rate on his missions

is abysmal — to experiment with.

— Arjun Singh Kadian


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