Medicinal effect

This refers to ‘Patent with a purpose’ (IE,April 3). Even the best cancer drug can never be a silver bullet.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: April 4, 2013 12:12:37 am

Medicinal effect

This refers to ‘Patent with a purpose’ (IE,April 3). Even the best cancer drug can never be a silver bullet. They all have side effects and it may take continuous research to mitigate some of the more serious ones. The big pharmaceutical companies do spend time and money on this and may want to protect their interests. But that is less important than having access to the original formulation. High-cost drugs can only be serviced by government programmes financed by the taxpayer’s money as the drug is beyond the common man’s reach. In other words,pharma companies seem to be making huge profits at the taxpayer’s expense and are not concerned about the deprived millions.The Supreme Court verdict,therefore,attempts to create a more humane playing field.

— R.Narayanan


No two ways

APROPOS ‘PM-Sonia ties “ideal model” for future:Cong’ (IE,April 3),the current status quo may be an “ideal model” for the Congress but it projects a distorted picture of the Indian government to the world. The party chief seems to enjoy power without proportional accountability. This model has also given the opposition and the world media occasion to call Manmohan Singh a weak prime minister.

— Parikshit Suryavanshi


Sum of states

RATHER than being protective of Narendra Modi’s image as a prime ministerial candidate,the BJP should send him to Karnataka to campaign for the forthcoming assembly elections and then send him to other poll-bound states. After all,with general elections about a year away,Modi will have to be seen and heard outside Gujarat. By taking the plunge into politically difficult terrains across the country he would be making a better case for himself as a candidate for the PM’s post. When Modi visits different states,he and his party will also get a sense of how they are perceived there and mould themselves accordingly. The political fortunes of the BJP seem to be tied to Modi and his road to Delhi must pass through the various states of India.

— Zulfikhar Akram


Slow start

THE hype around the IPL was dampened by a lacklustre opening ceremony. IPL 6 began with style but without much fanfare. This is perhaps the most successful private cricket tournament ever,but the crowds and the media were not enthused by the opening ceremony,despite the presence of Shahrukh Khan,Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif. We hope that the matches played in the IPL will generate more excitement among the cricket-loving public.

— C.K. Subramaniam

Navi Mumbai

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