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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Maoist tricks

This refers to the editorial ‘Letter from Maoists’ The insurgents are apparently planning to resort to diversionary tactics by feeding wrong information.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: June 28, 2010 4:46:45 am

This refers to the editorial ‘Letter from Maoists’ (IE,June 24). The insurgents are apparently planning to resort to diversionary tactics by feeding wrong information. The security forces should remain alert,based on data gathered through intelligence sources and electronic network. They should also be vigilant about traps laid to ambush them when they rush to the spot to verify information passed on by “sensitised” station managers about sabotage of railway tracks. The reaction in such cases should be well considered,to avoid unnecessary casualties and damage.

— Sharda Bhargav


Stanley & Winston

Barack Obama sacked Gen Stanley McChrystal for derisive remarks about the president and his team. It was reminiscent of the sacking of Gen Douglas McArthur by President Harry Truman,though on more serious charges. In fact,many feel that Obama overreacted and the sacking is too harsh a punishment for just an indiscretion. This reminds me of a humorous incident,apocryphal though it might be. During World War II,a man shouting at Trafalgar Square that the prime minister was a damn fool was arrested. Next day,agitated opposition MPs demanded to know whether their country had become a police state. Winston Churchill calmly replied that the man was arrested not for calling the PM a fool but for letting out a state secret during the war. This silenced the opposition.

— V.V.S. Mani


Caste study

I agree with D.L. Sheth (‘Caste in the right mould’,IE,June 23) that caste must be understood before continuing the public debate on including caste in the census. This means the official list of OBCs,regionwise,is to be updated to show their present backwardness or otherwise. Indeed, constitutional requirements to give reservations to OBCs have benefited the majority in this category and the leftovers are few. But the government didn’t follow up on the Supreme Court judgment in the Indira Sawhney case; the same is to be done now. Disabilities of weaker sections largely depend on the over-all status they have in the caste,religion and regional community. In this context caste is to be included as a category in the 2011 census.

— C. Koshy John


Reach of law

This refers to the editorial ‘Law and honour’ (IE,June 24). One wonders whether laws alone will be able to deter khap panchayats from harassing young lovers. There are laws about dowry harassment,child labour,atrocities against Dalits,etc. Are we not hearing about these crimes? The government passes laws and the law-breakers devise ways around them. To stop khap panchayats,we will have to change the mindset of those running these kangaroo courts.

— Nisha


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